Love is in The Air: Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Pets

Candlelit dinners, romantic walks, marriage proposals…. we are only a short way away from one of the days of the year some people get excited about and others want to shy away from.

Whichever type you are, there is always someone in the household that can benefit from a little bit of extra love on Valentine’s Day. Have you guessed who yet?

It is, of course, your pet! They provide you with love and affection all year long and no doubt appreciate it when you reciprocate the same feelings back. So, should there not be a boyfriend or girlfriend to treat, why not make your furry friend feel extra special this Valentine’s Day with any of the great gifts our pet lovers at PBS Pet Travel have picked out?

Remember though, a dog, cat or any other pet is for life not just for Valentine’s Day!


1.     Valentine’s gift box for dogs

We all know a dog loves nothing more than to be treated and nine times out of ten, treat means food! However, a new toy, some cool accessories and a few snacks combined in a gift box could just make their day!

This option from Amazon includes a plush toy, some snacks, a rope toy a squeaker toy and more. Ideal for any occasion but perfect for Valentine’s Day, this gift box is suitable for dogs of all sizes and is sure to keep them busy for hours. This may be beneficial if you want a romantic meal with a partner at home!

At just under £30, some may say it is a little expensive for a pet gift but with all it has to offer, you are saving money overall! Discover it on Amazon.

2.     Motion-activated fish for cats

Cats are playful, in fact, they probably have too much energy half the time! Chasing anything that moves, climbing on anything that looks like a challenge and having moments where you just wonder what it is they are trying to achieve! Luckily this motion-activated dancing fish available from Pets at Home is likely to keep your feline friend fully focused for quite some time.

With catnip included, this flapping fish will keep your cat curious as it reacts to your cat’s touch. It then doubles up as a cosy cuddle toy for when your cat wants a little downtime. Visually striking, extra durable, and fully chargeable, it will keep your car occupied for hours and could well become its new best friend! Encouraging stimulation and investigation, this toy is a surefire way to show your cat how much you love it. Pick one up today!

3.     Macaroon chew toy for small pets

Dogs and cats fill the market for pet gifting, but we cannot forget our smaller companions. Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and many more are still extremely popular, especially in family households and certainly don’t deserve to miss out on a Valentine’s treat!

These soft macaroon chew toys allow for something they can play with that is visually stimulating as well as fun for us to see them enjoy. Available in three colours, they will stand out in the enclosure and provide a small animal with hours of fun as they move it around their cage. You can complement these with strawberry-flavoured heart-shaped biscuits too just to add a little more theme to the gift. These are another Pets at Home product.

4.     Snuggle puppy!

Going back to dogs, after all, they are perhaps one of our favourites at PBS Pet Travel, this snuggle puppy is a great idea to treat your little pooch to something cute but also beneficial. Designed to reduce anxiety in dogs, these are fantastic for training your pet to be ready for dog travel crates. With an in-built pulsing heartbeat and heat pack, these are made with care and love in mind. Perfect for training, perfect for comfort and perfect for assisting your dog when it’s at its most vulnerable, this is a great gift available on Amazon.

5.     Heart-shaped bird entertainer

Birds are another group of pets that provide hours of fun and excitement. Their vibrant colours, their unique characters and their elegant nature make for a pet that is a little different but one that owners really take to.

Able to hang in an outdoor aviary or an indoor bird cage, this wooden heart comes accompanied by bells, bright colours, and fidgets that your birds can enjoy in-between preening, feeding and chatting. Check out your nearest Pets at Home to find one.


Maybe you have grander ideas for your pet and this Valentine’s Day plan to get away, if so, consider speaking to the team at PBS Pet Travel. We are experts in facilitating pet transport across the globe and make the whole process worry-free. This way you and your pet can enjoy the trip just as you planned. Whether it’s cat travel, dog travel or something altogether a little different, speak to us today. We can provide you with a free quote and assist with any paperwork queries or vaccination questions you may have! Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your pet this year!