Travelling with Ferrets

Travelling with a pet has its challenges, especially if you are planning on hopping on public transport or sitting behind the wheel for hours. It is extremely important that you plan ahead if travelling for long distances or overseas with your ferret so you can ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

As ferret enthusiasts ourselves, PBS Pet Travel understand just how much your ferret means to you. We offer every ferret the chance to experience first-class ferret transport, as well as dogs and cats.

Ferret transport

Relocating or travelling abroad with your ferret can seem like an incredibly daunting experience. However, you will be pleased to know that at PBS Pet Travel we have a dedicated team of pet relocation experts, many who have ferrets themselves! You can rest assured that your ferret will be in the safest hands and their journey planned by somebody who understands their needs 100%.

At PBS Pet Travel you can contact us at any time on our 24-hour contact line. Day or night one of our dedicated team members will be there to take your call. Alternatively, if your query isn’t as urgent, you can always pop us an email via

Ferret car travel

Is your pet ferret travelling with us by car? If so, they will be safe and comfortable in one of our ferret friendly crates. Travelling in an enclosed crate with some snuggly blankets will help keep your ferret calm whether they are on their way to an airport or ferry crossing. Our driver will regularly take a break to check on your ferret and ensure they have enough water and are fed if on a longer journey.

If you and your ferret are travelling together always pull into a services to park safely to check on your ferret. If your ferret is happy on a lead you can always let them out to stretch their legs and relieve themselves – just make sure they are safe and secure.

Ferrets on aeroplanes

Ferrets fall into the same category as dogs and cats so can easily be transported by most major airlines. At PBS Pet Travel we only ever allow ferrets to travel on animal-friendly airlines as many of them have special schemes put in place to ensure your ferret is as calm as possible during their flight. Typically, ferrets snooze through their airborne journeys! Your ferret may become nervous, just like humans do on some flights. However, you can have the peace of mind that their welfare is paramount to us here at PBS Pet Travel and the handlers and flight crew that will be helping them from A to B.

If your ferret really struggles being transported you can visit your vet, they will be able to decide whether a mild sedative would be a good option for your pet. PBS Pet Travel can administer medication to all animals so this would not be a problem.

Ferret ferry travel

If hopping on a ferry is easier, or your ferret would really struggle with a plane journey, a ferry might be a great option. For ferrets that prefer a slower pace of life PBS Pet Travel are ready and waiting to help plan your ferret’s ferry journey.

Ferret travel sickness

Ferrets can suffer from motion sickness. Unlike dogs, ferrets do not tend to frequent cars or other modes of transport too often, so this underlying issue is often apparent until a journey is underway. If your ferret was to vomit whilst in our care we would ensure they had ample liquids and would stay with them until they seemed brighter. If their travel sickness was uncontrollable, we would seek medical help and keep in constant contact with you.

Ferret transport service

If you would like to find out more about transporting your ferret abroad then PBS Pet Travel are here to help. As proud members of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) we are ideally placed to help you safely and securely transport your pet to anywhere in the world. From tips on nervous ferrets to securing a pet passport, we have unparalleled expertise when it comes to getting your ferret from A to B comfortably. If you would like to find out more about how we can help then please just get in contact today.