Pet Relocation Services

As specialists in the field of pet travel and pet relocation, we understand that each of our customers – and their pets – will have their own specific pet relocation needs.

In light of this, PBS Pet Travel is able to offer a broad range of different pet transport services.

Whether you want a complete door-to-door service where we complete the whole process on your behalf, or you prefer to ‘pick and choose’ specific services to meet your individual needs, PBS Pet Travel can tailor our services to ensure you receive the perfect pet relocation package.

Pet Transport Services We Offer

Some of our most popular pet travel services are listed below, though if you are seeking a service not listed, then please feel free to get in touch – we pride ourselves on being as flexible as we can and will try to go that extra mile to ensure we can meet your needs.

Pet Collection and Pet Delivery services – Our pet courier services can collect your pet from your home before your pet’s flight and deliver him or her to the relevant airline check-in area. For pets travelling into the UK, we can safely transport your pet from the airport to your home.

Long Distance Road Transport For Pets – Some more sensitive pets are better transported by land rather than on a plane. As a result, our pet transport services can travel long-distance with your pet in our specialist, DEFRA approved, air-conditioned vehicles.

Pet Flights – PBS Pet Travel can book your pet’s flight and advise you on everything you need to know relating to your pet’s travel, including airline availability for pets, airline documentation for pets, airline rules and regulations for pets, and more. Please visit our ‘Pet Flights’ page for more information.

Application of Pet Import Permits – Paperwork is one of the most complex aspects of travelling with pets and applying for pet travel import permits can feel very daunting. Which is why our pet relocation service includes the option for us to take care of this process for you.

As a general rule, import permits are not required for pets travelling to Europe, America or Canada.

Application of CITES Paperwork – For individuals transporting endangered species covered by CITES such as some reptiles (tortoises for example), mammals and birds (many parrot species for example) we can help you gather the necessary permits for export/import.

Application and Completion of DEFRA Export Health Certificates – As a general rule, for pets travelling to anywhere outside of Europe, Canada or America, a UK government DEFRA export health certificate will be required. This document must be applied for in advance of your pet’s travel and will need to be signed-off by a government approved vet at your pets final health check, which must be within a specific time-frame prior to your pet’s flight – for example, within 7 days of your pets departure. PBS Pet Travel can apply for the DEFRA export health certificate on your behalf and can arrange for this to be posted directly to your nominated vet.

Pet Customs Clearance (all destinations) – with offices at London Gatwick and London Heathrow, PBS Pet Travel is on hand to arrange customs clearance for pets travelling into the UK. And with pet relocation contacts worldwide, we can assist you with arranging customs clearance globally.

IATA Approved Travel Crates – Pet travel crate requirements are detailed and complicated, they must comply with both IATA and airline regulations. PBS Pet Travel are able to provide a suitable travel crate for your pet and even deliver it to your home in advance of travel allowing your pet to become familiar with it. We stock a range of plastic travel crates as well as offering custom-built wooden crates.

Specialist Travel Crates for All Types of Pets – As one of our more specialist pet transport services we don’t just deal with cats and dogs; we can help with transporting all types of pets abroad. We can provide secure travel crates for virtually any animal.

Kennel Boarding – we can arrange pre-flight kenneling for your cat or dog if required and work closely with a number of boarding facilities close to the airports, the boarding facilities can accommodate early morning collections for early pet flight check-ins.

Pet Travel Veterinary Work – our airport vet can arrange a number of pet relocation requirements, such as the completion of DEFRA export health certificates, issuing Pet Passports, Final pet travel health checks and ‘fit to fly’ letters, blood tests, parasite treatments and more.