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PBS Pet Travel has been relocating pets all over the world for over 20 years, with offices based at London Heathrow and London Gatwick. We are pet travel specialists in pet exports out of the UK as well as pet imports into the UK.


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Ready for stress-free pet travel? Learn about our IATA-approved crates from PBS Pet Travel today!

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Our company name and logo have been used by scammers to fraudulently obtain monies for fake puppies. They are contacting people via Facebook and email.

If you receive any emails from a address pretending to be PBS Specialist Pet Travel and offering puppies/dogs for rehoming, this is NOT from us it is a SCAM.

Please do not part with any monies, we DO NOT take payment via paysafecard ticket which is what the scammers are asking.

Please call us if in any doubt.

Pet Travel and Pet Relocation Services

With over 20 years of experience, our dedicated pet export team can arrange pet flight bookings out of the UK on any airline that accepts pets for travel, as well as being able to advise you on every aspect of your pet’s relocation from the UK –such as pet travel paperwork, the Pet Passport Scheme and information on the airlines and flights that will accept pets for travel. Our dedicated pet import team are on hand to advise you of the UK entry requirements for pets travelling into the UK, can provide customs clearance for pets being imported into the UK, check your pet travel paperwork in advance and arrange pet transportation services from the airport to your home.

Whether you are taking your pet abroad on holiday, relocating overseas with your pet or bringing your pet to the UK, with PBS Pet Travel you can rest assured that you’re dealing with one of the most established pet transporters in the world.

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Why choose PBS Pet Travel to relocate your pet?

At PBS Pet Travel, we understand that your pets are precious cargo. Our pet relocation experts have extensive knowledge and a genuine love of animals, which means we will go the extra mile for our clients and their furry, feathered or even scaly family members. Arranging pet relocation requires far more than experience alone – which is why all members of the PBS Pet Travel Team are passionate, dedicated, considerate and most importantly – caring; qualities that separate us from the rest.

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Relocating animals is PBS Pet Travel’s passion

We are all animal lovers at PBS Pet Travel, where pet exporting and pet importing is not just a service we offer, but a commitment we make. We all have our own pets and we even bring our dogs to work with us – just check out our facebook page! So we truly understand how significant your pet is to you. We absolutely relish in being able to assist in reuniting families with their cherished companions, whether it involves pet importing or pet exporting.

Our approach to pet shipping goes beyond mere tasks; it is our passion and our high standard of customer care and compassion underlines this. We firmly believe in quality, not quantity. So, when booking your pet relocation with us, whether it’s for pet exporting or pet importing, we can guarantee that you will get more value than what you pay for.

Personal Pet Travel Service

When you book your pet with PBS Pet Travel, you will be assigned your very own personal pet travel specialist, who will look after your pet’s relocation from start to finish. Just like us humans, we know that every pet is different and has specific needs, which is why our service is tailor-made to suit each and every client. We offer a fully comprehensive door-to-door service which is popular amongst clients who are looking for a pet relocation company to assist with all aspects of their pet’s move overseas. However, our basic service better suits those who are already familiar with the main aspects of pet travel. Either way, we will be sure to mould our service to suit your individual pet relocation needs and you can relax as we arrange your pet’s flight, pet transportation, customs clearance for pets travelling to the UK, pet export veterinary paperwork, and much more.

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Pet travel flight crates delivered to your door in advance

Getting animals used to their airline-approved travel crates PRIOR to your pet’s relocation or dog travel, cat travel, and other pet transport, is a huge factor towards reducing your pet’s anxiety on the day of travel. Many pet relocation and pet transport companies will completely overlook this fact, however, at PBS Pet Travel we cannot stress enough how important it is for your pet to have plenty of time to get acclimatized to the airline approved travel crate. And because animal safety, comfort and welfare is our main priority, as soon as you have booked your pet flight or your pet transport with us, we will arrange to deliver the travel crate to you on an overnight delivery service to anywhere in the UK, giving your pet the time it needs to get accustomed to being inside the crate – please visit our Pet Travel Crate page for more details.

PBS Pet Travel Team

We appreciate that relocating your pets can be an extremely stressful and worrying experience. This is why our UK import pet travel team and our international pet export specialists will take the time to listen to your needs and discuss your concerns – as often as you need. We will provide you with complete guidance and support, giving you the confidence and reassurance you need. Our friendly and efficient team of pet shipping experts are there for you and your pet wholeheartedly, ensuring a safe, smooth and stress-free journey for all.

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