Lufthansa Pet Travel

At PBS Pet Travel we want your animals to feel safe and secure as they move across the globe and that is why we only partner with the best airlines for all types of pet travel.

We are delighted to have Lufthansa as one of our trusted carriers for your pets and know that they love pets just as much as we do! In fact, they welcome pets in both the cabin and the hold! Not many airlines can say that!

Lufthansa is currently the second-largest airline in Europe for passengers when combined with its subsidiaries and is the national airline for Germany. With over 700 aircraft, it has one of the largest fleets in the world and serves 205 destinations making it perfect for pet travel as you can reach almost anywhere in the world with Lufthansa! Flights from the UK with Lufthansa operate out of most UK airports with the majority flying into Germany. However, thanks to their subsidiaries such as Brussels Airlines, Eurowings Discover, and Swiss International Airlines many more destinations are easily accessible.

Lufthansa pet policy International travel

Lufthansa are quite different to many airlines as they welcome certain pets into the cabin!

This is great news if you have a nervous dog or a feisty feline that may feel more at home being closer to its owner than stowed away in the hold.

Unfortunately, not all animals would be able to travel in the cabin, and that is to be expected. Certain breeds, sizes and weights of animals can pose not only a safety risk but also get in the way more than other passengers may feel comfortable with.

Regulations vary by country, so you should check in advance of travel with Lufthansa what the rules are regarding the country you are heading to or departing from. In some cases, even where you meet the requirements of the airline, pet travel may be forbidden or restricted based on the country you are heading to.

If all is okay for them to travel with you, you can book your pet in as additional carry-on baggage or as excess baggage to store in the air-conditioned and pet-safe hold.

Current Lufthansa pet policy states that each passenger can take two pets with them on a flight as long as they are stored safely in an appropriate pet carrier. They can then travel in the cabin or the hold. These two animals can either be in the hold, or one can be in each. You cannot take two pets into the cabin.

Assistance dogs can travel in the cabin free of charge on Lufthansa flights but are subject to specific requirements. More info relating to this can be found further down the page.

Lufthansa pet travel requirements

To allow your pet on board, Lufthansa have a few specific pet travel requirements for you to fulfil.

Only small cats and dogs weighing no more than 8kg, including the weight of their pet travel crate may be allowed to travel in the cabin as additional carry-on baggage. Larger dogs and cats or other animals, regardless of size and weight, are not permitted to travel in the cabin, and instead must be booked to travel in the hold as excess baggage.

You will be required to have your pet(s) registered no later than 72 hours before your departure. Once registered, you will need to present the airline with confirmation that your pet meets the standard requirements for it to travel in the cabin as set out by the airline. A form for this is available on the Lufthansa website. Once completed, you must present two copies of it at the check-in desk on departure day.

Owners of snub-nosed dogs and cats will be allowed to bring them on board and have them in the cabin subject to specific regulations but this type of dog is now forbidden from travelling in the hold.

Fighting dogs may travel on Lufthansa flights but must only fly in the hold and be stored at all times in airline-approved dog travel crates. However, should the dog be aged between 3-6 months, exceptions can be made to allow the dog to travel in the cabin subject to the dog meeting basic criteria.

The minimum age of dogs and cats travelling on Lufthansa flights is set at 12 weeks old, or 15 weeks when travelling to or from Germany.

Lufthansa pet travel in cabin

If you have already met the requirements as set out above relating to the weight, type, age and size of your pet, you will now know whether it can travel in the cabin of a Lufthansa flight with you.

However, there are some specific rules for pet travel in a Lufthansa cabin.

As already stated, your dog or cat must not weigh more than 8kg including the weight of its travel crate and it must be at least 12 weeks old or 15 weeks when travelling to or from Germany.

For your pet to be allowed to travel in the cabin of a Lufthansa flight it must be well trained and behave well under command. If at any time during the flight, the Lufthansa team believe your pet is behaving appropriately, they have the right to move it into the hold. Any additional expense that this may bring will require you to cover it, whether that be storage costs, damage or anything else that may stem from your pet’s actions.

In some instances, the airline may even refuse to transport your pet if its behaviour is not deemed suitable.

To be allowed to bring your pet into the cabin, you must present two copies of the completed form stating your confirmation that the pet meets the requirements of the airline to the check-in desk.

Whilst in the cabin, your pet must be stored in a suitable crate. It should be soft-sided and securely fastened. Your pet must be able to stand in its natural position whilst in the container and be able to turn around and lie down. It should also be escape-proof, leak-proof and bite-proof. In addition, there must be an absorbent lining inside. The container must also not measure any more than 55x40x23cm and be stored under the seat in front of you.

Only one transport container per passenger is allowed.

In some exceptional circumstances, you may find that even though your pet fulfils the requirements as set out by Lufthansa to travel in the cabin, the destination country has specific rules that forbid it. This can sometimes mean that transportation in the hold becomes the only viable option.

Costs of pets travelling in the cabin on Lufthansa flights

The costs will vary depending on your destination and are only charged once per flight direction. You can pay for your pet to travel at the check-in desk or any Lufthansa customer service desk at the airport. However, you could save some money by using your free luggage allowance to cover the weight of the pet and its container.

Lufthansa pet travel in cargo hold

Should your animal not fulfil the requirements suitable for cabin travel, Lufthansa can offer transportation in the hold. The process for booking is similar to that of having your pet travel in the cabin. However, no animals are allowed in the cargo hold on connecting flights via Munich.

You will be allowed to transport 2 animals in the cargo hold and they must be safely contained in an airline-approved travel crate. You will be able to have one crate per animal or have both housed in one container. This crate must be compliant with IATA regulations otherwise Lufthansa may refuse the pet boarding!

In some instances, the country you are travelling to may have specific restrictions and even though your pet matches all the requirements set out by Lufthansa may not be allowed on the aircraft as excess baggage. In instances such as this, transport as air freight in the cargo hold of a Lufthansa aircraft may still be possible.

For animals other than cats and dogs that you require transport in a cargo hold, you should contact Lufthansa directly or speak to us at PBS Pet Travel, we can do all the hard work for you so that your pet can still board a special Lufthansa flight to your destination.

To register your pet as travelling in the cargo hold as excess baggage, you can use the Lufthansa website, they will then book your pet onto the flight no later than 72 hours before departure.

Prices for pets travelling as excess baggage on Lufthansa

The price you pay for your pet travel will vary depending on the size and weight of your pet as well as the destination it is heading to.

Payments are made at the check-in desk or customer service desk. To save money, you can utilise any free luggage allowance for the weight of your pet and its travel container.

It should be noted that for any animals travelling in the hold and transferring via Brussels, Geneva, Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich a 150 Euro surcharge will be applied.

Assistance dogs on Lufthansa flights

Assistance dogs can travel free of charge on Lufthansa flights, but rules vary slightly for flights that are direct to the USA compared to flights elsewhere. We will be able to help you with the process should you be taking a pet to the USA via a Lufthansa flight.

To register your assistance dog for a flight outside of the USA, you must do so up to 48 hours before your flight. You can do this by emailing the Lufthansa Medical Operation Centre, the Lufthansa Service Centre or asking your travel agent. Within this email, you will need to present a training certificate for your dog from a recognised training institute. Lufthansa will confirm receipt of this and that it has been checked. The airline will also want written confirmation that the dog fulfils all requirements for travelling as an assistance dog. A form is available on the Lufthansa website and two copies of it must be presented at check-in.

Once on board, as long as your assistance dog meets the standard requirements for being allowed in the cabin there are a few rules that must be followed.

  • The dog must be sat in the foot space of your seat and attached to your seat belt with a harness that is provided by Lufthansa.
  • The pet is not allowed to use a passenger seat at any time.
  • A muzzle is not required but is advised.
  • If your dog is seen to pose a risk to other passengers, it may be moved to the hold, given a muzzle or refused entry to the plane.

Lufthansa pet travel documents

For any flight, you should have all the required paperwork that your destination country requires as well as any forms requested by the airline. This could include animal health certificates, import licenses, or export licenses. You should check with the destination country what documentation is required before travel as without it, your pet will not be granted access to the country.

PBS Pet Travel are experts in handling all types of animal travel paperwork so feel free to contact our team for detailed, expert advice.


For more help with organising pet travel with Lufthansa, contact PBS Pet Travel, we can take care of the whole process so that your pets are safely booked onto a flight and ready to reach your destination. Get a free pet travel quote today to find out more!