Emirates Pet Travel

Emirates is one of the most famous airlines in the world and is well known for its premium service and stunning aircraft. As a result, pet travel is approached a little differently from other airlines.

Emirates has a specialist cargo brand called Emirates SkyCargo that ensures pets can be safely flown to any of the 26 dedicated cargo destinations as well as the 61 passenger routes on the Emirates roster. This then allows a stress-free flight for both the passenger and the pet as the pet is cared for by a well-trained and dedicated team. This also means your pet gets the benefit of the exclusive Emirates SkyCargo pets service that provides an almost VIP like flight experience for your pet.

We are delighted to be a partner of Emirates SkyCargo and look forward to helping your pet reach its destination with them.

Emirates Airlines pet travel

In some cases, your pet can travel with Emirates Airlines as excess baggage but for the most part, you will be required to book your animal for a flight with Emirates SkyCargo. Our team at PBS Pet Travel can advise on the best options for this.

In some cases, only a journey via Emirates SkyCargo is possible for your pet so it is best to do some research before booking a flight and assuming your pet can be booked in as excess baggage on a standard Emirates flight.

For example, on all flights that end in Dubai, the animals must be transported as cargo. For flights that start in Dubai but end in countries where animals are permitted as excess baggage, they may be transported via the hold as excess baggage if the flight is less than 17 hours and particular conditions are met.  Anything over 17 hours means that they must be transported as cargo. Likewise, if the destination country does not allow for animal entry as check-in baggage, they must also fly as cargo.

Furthermore, all animals that require a pet travel crate that exceeds 300cm would have to travel as cargo rather than excess baggage.

Emirates Airlines pet travel in cabin

Another reason for choosing the option of Emirates SkyCargo for your pet travel is that Emirates flights do not allow any pets in the cabin on their passenger flights. Well, that is not strictly true. If you are on a flight between Dubai and some areas of Pakistan you can take a pet falcon with you in the cabin!

Aside from that, all animals must travel as excess baggage or via Emirates SkyCargo.

Assistance dogs on Emirates flights

Assistance dogs are allowed on Emirates flights for free and on certain routes they will be permitted to travel in the cabin. You are just required to give the airline 48 hours’ notice so arrangements can be made. To be allowed in the cabin your guide dog must not block any emergency exits and travel comfortably without causing any obstructions to other passengers. Much depends on the route you travel so speak to Emirates in advance to find out if the dog will be allowed in the cabin or have to complete the journey in a special hold.

Emirates pet travel policy

As stated above, Emirates does not allow pets to travel in the cabin so for the most part, pets will either travel as excess baggage or via cargo. Only dogs, cats, falcons and pet birds are allowed to be transported as excess baggage but each must meet specific requirements to be allowed to travel this way. This is perhaps why we recommend the Emirates SkyCargo service instead. It not only ensures the safe travel of a wider range of animals, but it can also organise the collection and drop off of it too!

Greyhounds used for sporting or commercial reasons cannot travel on Emirates flights and where they are classed as pets, only those travelling in IATA-approved travel crates will be allowed on the flight.

Snub-nosed breeds of cats or dogs are also not allowed to travel with Emirates, and this is either as excess baggage, sky cargo or in the cabin.

Furthermore, dogs listed as dangerous are not permitted to travel on an Emirates flight to the UAE, unless they travel via Emirates SkyCargo and as long as they are allowed by both the countries they are departing from and the countries they will arrive in. All correct permits and paperwork must also be provided. Emirates SkyCargo will insist if any of these dog breeds are to travel with them, that they are contained in an extra strong IATA-approved dog travel crate. The below dogs are banned from many countries, so it is worth checking in advance of booking any travel.

These breeds are:

  • Mastiffs
  • Tosa
  • Rottweiler
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Canairo Preso
  • Karabash
  • Caucasian Ovcharka
  • Any mixed breeds of the above

Pet travel with Emirates SkyCargo

Emirates SkyCargo is the best way to ensure your pet, no matter what it is (subject to entry restrictions) gets a premium service and a safe journey to your Emirates destination. With specialist services in Dubai that include vet support in the specially made animal care area and a dedicated team on hand to ensure the best care, Emirates SkyCargo are helping make pet travel less stressful for both the pet and the human!

Just like if your pet was travelling as excess baggage in a hold on any other carrier, flying with Emirates Skycargo requires that your pet be transported in a suitable and compliant pet travel crate.

In some locations Emirates has them available for purchase, however, the stock could be limited so check what size you need and then check if they have stock! Turning up and just hoping for the best could mean your pet being turned away from the flight!

To book your pet with Emirates SkyCargo, you will need to contact your local Emirates office and ensure your pet meets the requirements for the destination country. This should be done at least four days before you travel. However, you might have a lot to do so why not speak to PBS Pet Travel we can help you get all the paperwork organised and help sort your pet flights with Emirates SkyCargo.

Before booking you should also ensure all vaccinations and health checks are up to date. Emirates will not allow a pet to fly if it doesn’t hold the relevant health certificates. These should be issued 10 within 10 days of flying. It will need to state that the pet is fit to fly, harbours no infectious diseases and meets all the requirements of the destination country. Without this, Emirates SkyCargo will not allow your pet to board the plane.

You may also find that occasionally Emirates restricts the flight for your pet. This is all for the safety of your beloved creatures. With temperatures in the summer months in some destinations becoming incredibly hot, the airline may limit what animals can fly with them. Should you be concerned that weather may affect travel, speak to your local Emirates team to find out the latest information. You should though, ensure that your travel crate provides sufficient ventilation to aid them should it be a little warm.

Emirates pet travel cost

Costs for using Emirate SkyCargo vary based on the pet, or pets you are transporting, the destination you are flying from and to and the overall size and weight of the cargo. Should this be getting in the way of your holiday or relocation plans, speak to our experienced team, we can help put together the perfect package for pet travel to any destination on the Emirates SkyCargo schedule.

Should you be opting for using Emirates and taking your pets as excess baggage, you can expect to pay anything from approximately £500 to roughly £800 per pet.

Emirates pet travel restrictions

There are no restrictions on the number of animals that you can take on an Emirates flight but you should remain aware that many countries have specific restrictions on the number of animals a person can bring in or take out of a country. You should seek advice from the local authority before booking anything to make sure you can travel with your pets.

You must also only store up to two adult animals of comparable size in one container. They must weigh no more than 14 kg each. Any weight above this will require you to source an additional pet travel crate.

Dangerous dogs, snub-nosed breeds, and greyhounds are among the restricted animals on Emirates flights.

Further benefits of Emirates SkyCargo

Emirates SkyCargo wants pets to feel special and passengers to feel at ease so they ensure that all aspects of the flight as well as pre and post-take-off are just right.

With on-site animal care as well as cleaning, feeding and exercising, your pets get to start the holiday or relocation in the best possible mood! Operating with safety and compliance in mind, your pet is transported with all the care it deserves.

And….with a temperature-controlled facility in Dubai, they can remain nice and cool even when the temperatures are rising.


Contact the PBS Pet Travel team today to get a free pet travel quote and find out how to get your pets on the best Emirates SkyCargo flight you require.