7 Pooches Proving Dogs Make the Best Home Workout Buddies

With gyms closed and COVID-19 lockdown enforced everyone is turning to home workouts to maintain fitness throughout the quarantine period.

Whether it’s in the garden, garage, lounge or hallway people are doing anything to squeeze in their workouts to stay fit and healthy during isolation.

One thing people are also doing is turning to their doggos for assistance with their training and we’re pretty sure that what you’ll see below will prove that dogs really are the best home workout buddies.

Pooches around the world are assisting their humans with their workout regimes and it seems they’re the motivation that everyone needs right now.

So, it’s time to see them in action. Check out how these pups are helping their owners train:

  1. High five for sit-ups
  2. “Drop and give me 20 mom”
  3. Who needs a squat rack
  4. Lockdown leg day
  5. Bootcamp Buddy
  6. Soul Cycle Sister
  7. All paws on deck

High five for sit-ups

Snow the therapy Dog is proving that you don’t need a personal trainer you just need a pair of paws to help you on your way.
Snow has been helping her owner do sit-ups in the #WorkoutWithYourDog challenge and has been giving out high fives as a reward.


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“Drop and give me 20 mom”

Millie the Mini Aussiedoodle takes her personal training role very seriously and is helping her mom make sure she gets the gains in all the right places.
Well done Millie, you’re doing a great job.


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Who needs a squat rack

With weights flying off the shelves since lockdown was announced everyone has been improvising when it comes to lifting and Ralph the walking land cloud seems to be proving very helpful to his owner.
The perfect alternative to weights. While she’s getting in her squats and lunges, Ralph is going along for the ride.


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Lockdown leg day

Bentley is fully embracing his new fitness regime courtesy of his human. She combined her leg day routine with some dog tricks to ensure that Bentley is also getting all the exercise he needs during the lockdown.
This is the kind of dynamic duo we like to see. It looks like he’s enjoying every second of his PT session, we think the tasty treats could be helping.


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Bootcamp Buddy

Maggie makes the ultimate bootcamp buddy and is providing personal trainer Viv with lots of motivational support whilst she does her press ups. Nothing like a paw five to keep you going.


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Soul Cycle Sister

If Hali ever goes missing you know where to find her. She absolutely loves working out in her home gym, she especially loves a spin on the bike and a blast on the cross trainer. Whilst mum is running solo, Hali is proving to be the perfect exercise partner.


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All paws on deck

Last, but certainly not least we have Yoshi the PWD being totally paws on when it comes to his new personal training role. Yoshi’s definitely not camera shy and has no problems stealing the limelight from his mum and sister.

He’s gorgeous and he knows it.


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If you’re struggling to find the desire to get up and moving or just want some company whilst doing your daily workout then why not enlist the help of your pup and get moving together.

To see more furry workout friends in action check out the hashtag #dogworkout on Instagram. Be warned, you won’t be able to stop scrolling.