Can My Pet Get an Uber?

Ever wanted your pet to join you on a journey into town? Or perhaps accompany you on a day out when on holiday? Well thanks to Uber, now you can. Midway through 2022 the globally popular transport introduced Uber Pet, a pet transport service that allows you to bring your pet with you on your travels.

A handy addition to the whole Uber service, Uber Pet means you will never have to leave your pet at home and can instead, let them enjoy the trip with you.

Availability varies per country, and should you have taken your pet on holiday, you may need to check local Uber rules to see if the Uber Pet service is functioning there.

We took a look at how it works in the UK so that you can take advantage of this additional feature Uber now offer. Rules, on the whole, are the same from country to country, however, we would suggest you check with Uber in advance for specific rules in the country you are travelling to.

Is Uber Pet available throughout the UK?

Uber Pet is gradually being rolled out across more and more towns and cities in the UK. At present, you can take advantage of this service in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, and Bath although more and more places will become available.  If you do not live in these areas, you can see if the service is currently available in your area by checking the Uber app.

How many pets can I bring in an Uber?

If your Uber is offering the Uber Pet service, you will be able to bring one pet with you. In some circumstances, you may be able to bring more than one but this is purely at the driver’s discretion so it would be advisable to ask them before confirming the booking. The last thing you would want is to find that one of your furry friends has to be left behind, especially if they were excited about where they might be heading!

How many of us can ride with a pet in an Uber?

At present, the rules allow for a maximum of three people to one pet, however, Uber drivers can, at their discretion, allow more.

Which animals can I bring in an Uber?

The Uber Pet service is currently limited to dogs and cats but should there be a time when you need to transport something a little more exotic or unusual you will need to liaise with the driver beforehand. In many cases, it may be totally fine but the vehicle is the drivers’ property, and they may not feel comfortable with certain animals being transported. Once they have given the green light on your pet, you can book your trip, snake, spider or stick insect in tow!

Can service animals ride in an Uber?

When booking an Uber with pets, you will need to use the Uber Pet facility, however, service animals are allowed to travel in an Uber without the need to book an Uber Pet service. Uber drivers are not allowed to refuse a passenger with a service animal and charge any extra fees unless the driver has a medical exemption or documentation from a local authority. If they do refuse you and your service animal, you should report this at the earliest opportunity. If a driver knowingly refuses you, they can lose their role as an Uber driver.

How much will it cost me to take a pet in an Uber?

Costs vary per location and at launch, the charge for transporting your pet in an Uber outside of London was an additional £2 whereas in the city it was £3.20. This doesn’t seem too expensive for the safe transport of your pet and is worth the spend if you want or need your pet to come with you. However, should your pet make any mess, and this could be excessive hair, waste, or damaged furnishings, you will have costs added to your fare and these could get quite high!

How can I avoid the additional fees for my Uber Pet?

With any furry animal, there is every chance small amounts of hair will be deposited on the seats and floor. Uber understand this and will not charge you any clean-up fees when that is the case. However, if the mess is excessive, they will! So, to help avoid the possibility of extra fees, bring a blanket or towel to cover the seats. In addition, use a harness or lead to keep them tethered. Sudden braking could otherwise see your animal hurt itself or inadvertently cause damage to the vehicle as it slides across the seats. If you are not bringing a dog or cat with you but instead, have something a little more exotic, you will need to contain it in a pet carrier.

It may also be wise to ask the driver if they have a preference on where they would like your pet to sit.

Does Uber have insurance for my pet?

At all times of the journey, the pet remains the owner’s responsibility and therefore Uber does not have insurance coverage. This means that you are responsible should anything happen to you, the driver or the pet as a result of the animal’s actions.

I am an Uber driver, what should I do on an Uber Pet journey?

There is not much that you need to do, perhaps have the option of a blanket, some pet owners may forget to bring one and the additional service you provide will be greatly appreciated. There may also be sometimes when the option to transport a pet you do not feel comfortable around is potentially being booked in. If this is the case, you have the right to refuse to accept the booking.


If you are abroad and need to get around, an Uber with the Uber Pet service could be extremely useful. With many countries now offering it, you can enjoy your break knowing that your furry friend is too. Simply check on the Uber site for your chosen destination.

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