Best Dog Friendly Countries in 2023

For dog owners thinking of relocating overseas, there are a lot of additional things to consider when selecting the country. After all, not every country is as dog friendly as the UK – many countries don’t keep dogs as pets. Instead they are used more for working requirements, such as guarding and herding livestock. Sad as it is, in some countries, dogs can even form part of the cultural cuisine.

As such, it’s important to carefully select the country that would best suit both yours and your dog’s needs. If you are both used to spending the weekends on long, off-lead walks in the countryside, somewhere like Dubai where dogs must be kept on leads might not hold much appeal.

Most Dog Friendly Countries

The article highlights countries such as Austria, Italy, France, Hungary, Sweden, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, and The Netherlands, where dogs are considered an important part of the family and are treated with respect and care. These countries offer various amenities and services that cater to dogs, such as dog-friendly public transport, accommodation, parks, beaches, restaurants, and cafes, making it easier for you and your furry friend to settle in and enjoy your new home.

To save you some time, we’ve listed the most dog-friendly travel destinations in the world, where you and your pooch can continue to feel at home.


As European countries go, Austria is among those that care about animal welfare. With an abundance of scenic landscapes to explore and strict legislation in place to protect animals, Austria offers the perfect safe haven for you and your pooch.


Across the country you will find many canine-friendly places, including public transport, accommodation, shops and restaurants. You and your dog will certainly feel at ease in most locations in Italy and with so many stunning landscapes to explore, you’ll be spoilt for choice for weekend activities.


Dogs are welcomed with open arms and accepted in almost any public place – shops, supermarkets, cafes, bars and restaurants – so you and your dog can enjoy new activities together. France is renowned for its laid back dog policies and you will find like-minded dog lovers at every turn.


As a nation, Hungary has great respect and love for dogs, making it an ideal location to relocate to. Among the many laws safeguarding pets are those which stipulate a minimum amount of daily exercise which speaks for itself. Moreover, you can enjoy the additional freedom of hanging out in the many dog-friendly cafes, bars and restaurants.


In many of the cities in Sweden, you’ll find you’re able to bring your dog on public transport, some tourist attractions, camping sites and even certain supermarkets and restaurants. Dog ownership is popular lifestyle for many residents and with strict animal welfare legislation; Sweden will feel like a home from home for you and your furry family member.


There are strict import rules for bringing your four-legged friend into the country. However, once there, you will be able to enjoy a similar lifestyle to back home. In cities, there are a plethora of lush parks and sandy beaches which allow dogs to roam off lead. Yet, much like the UK, dogs aren’t allowed in eating establishments.


As a dog owner in Switzerland you can expect an easy life with great flexibility. The country has high regard for pet welfare and is generally welcoming to dogs in most public areas – transport, accommodation, parks, pubs and restaurants. You’ll find you and your pup are made to feel very welcome, practically anywhere you visit.


Canada’s dog-friendly offerings are not dissimilar to that of the UK. Accessibility varies across the country, but overall dogs are considered a popular and accepted pet. With wide open spaces to explore and dedicated beaches and parks for dogs, even in the Cities you and your pup can enjoy a contented life here.

The Netherlands

You can expect a warm welcome if you relocate with your dog to The Netherlands. Not only will you be allowed to travel on trains and buses with your pup, but you’ll also have free rein on most places you can visit together. Dutch laws even prevent individuals with criminal records from owning dogs, which speaks volumes for the respect they give our canine friends.

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