6 Of the Best Dog-Friendly Cafes in the USA

When going out for a bite to eat you don’t want to have to ditch your pooch and you don’t have to!

There’s an abundance of dog-friendly cafes, restaurants and watering holes across the USA that happily cater to canines.

So, there’s no need to leave your furry friend behind anymore. Check out one of these places and see if gets the lick of approval.

  1. Rollover Café Wells, Maine
  2. Boris and Horton, NYC
  3. Baked & Wired, Washington DC
  4. Lost Dog Café, Virginia
  5. Lobster Bar Sea Grille, Florida
  6. Tin Shed Garden Café, Portland, Oregon
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Rollover Café Wells, Maine

If you’re strolling through Wells with your pup, then stopping in at Rollover Cafe for coffee and a breakfast wrap is pretty much essential. Not only will you get a treat but your four-legged pal will also get a reward.

Boris and Horton, NYC

Boris and Horton is NYC’s first Department of Health-approved dog café. The café was designed especially as a community space for humans to enjoy alongside their pups.
They serve coffee and espresso beverages and have a versatile menu that caters for all with their all-vegetarian menu and gluten-free and vegan options.
They also host a range of events such as meet-ups by breed, pet portraits and pop-ups from Bronx-based dog ice cream brand The Pupper Cup and all proceeds go to one of their nonprofit partners.

We guarantee your doggo is going to love it here.

Baked & Wired, Washington DC

Baked & Wired is a family bakery located in the heart of Georgetown. They produce small-batch baked goods prepared from family recipes and handcrafted coffee from roasters all across the country.

The best part about Baked & Wired is that there are just as many choices for you as there are for your pooch. Why not treat them to a peanut butter crunch or bacon-and-queso treat?

With an array of indulgent treats for both humans and hounds, this place should most definitely be on your hit list.

Lost Dog Café, Virginia

Lost Dog Cafe not only serves gourmet pizzas, sandwiches and pasta but it also proudly supports the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation helping thousands of dogs find a home. So, when you dine at Lost Dog Cafe you rest assured that by munching on one of their Kujo Pies (yes, many of the pizzas are named after dogs) you’re helping a pup in need.

They have five cafes in different locations across Virginia, so if you’re in the area go and sample the extensive beer selection and donate generously to the foundation.

Lobster Bar Sea Grille, Florida

Not so much a café but we couldn’t leave this gem off the list. If your pup is feeling fancy then they will love Lobster Bar Sea Grille in Miami.
Here your pooch can enjoy a dog martini (filtered water with veal juice) and graze on something tasty from the “Pooches on the Patio” menu which includes meatballs, filet mignon and more.

This pet-friendly terrace is certainly a place to bark and be seen barking.

Tin Shed Garden Café, Portland, Oregon

Tin Shed Garden Cafe has a large patio open for pooches of all kinds. The eclectic menu even includes special dog items for those gorgeous four-legged diners. There’s Fido Food (chicken and sweet potatoes in a dog bowl) and house-made peanut butter banana ice cream with a biscuit on the side.

This is somewhere where your best friend can truly live like a king/queen.

With dog-friendly cafes and dining spots across the country, there’s no need to worry about your pup feeling left out. It’s now easier than ever to hit the town with your pooch.

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