Correct Travel Crate Size & Acclimatization for Pets


PBS Pet Travel is an organization of animal lovers. Animal welfare is something we strongly believe in, support and practice not only as professionals, but as individuals too. Your pet’s comfort, safety and well-being is our utmost priority at all times, which is why we have put together this information sheet to help outline the importance of crate acclimatization and to help you make sure you have the correct size travel kennel for your pet.

Whether you are booking your pet’s relocation with PBS, another company or even making the arrangements yourself; we urge you to read this information and ensure that your pet is well acclimatized to it’s travel kennel and that the kennel provides enough spare space for your pet.

As animal lovers and pet owners, we feel that many pet relocation companies do not emphasize or even realise, the importance of crate acclimatization. Some businesses do not offer the option of delivering their travel crates prior to the day of export and some do not put the pre-acclimatization period in to practice whilst animals are in their care. This is extremely concerning, considering the results of an animal travelling in a crate that is too small and that it has not been properly acclimatized to, can be fatal.

We strongly feel this point needs to be highlighted not only to our clients, but to everyone in the pet relocation industry.

PBS suggest a minimum of two weeks pre- acclimatization, however the more time you can give your pet, the better. In certain cases- such as with nervous pets or rescue animals, you will need much, much longer.

You can visit our website to find some more information on getting your pet acclimatized to it’s travel kennel here:

If you are booking your pet’s travel with PBS, we will always send the travel kennel to you in advance, not only so that you can make sure your pet is properly acclimatized, but so that you can check the crate is large enough- checking measurements on paper is one thing, but the best way to really ensure your pet has enough space, is by actually looking at your pet inside the kennel.

Because the size of the crate is what determines the cost with the airline (the larger the crate, the more expensive the airline’s charges), many companies will quote on the “minimum” sized kennel.

This means they will leave ‘just enough’ spare space to meet the airline’s “requirements” or industry “guidelines”, so that they can provide the cheapest quote.

Can you imagine how stressed an animal would be if it was confined to a box with “just enough” room to move? As far as we are concerned, just enough is not enough!

Whilst PBS appreciate that the cost of pet transport is by no means cheap and whilst we will always endeavour to keep our prices as low as possible, we would never jeopardise an animal’s comfort and welfare, by quoting on a kennel that is too small to reduce our charges. This is completely unethical and goes against everything our company stands for and strives to achieve. We have our own guidelines and size requirements and will not go below these, even if it means losing business or not being the cheapest provider.

When deciding on the correct size crate for an animal, there are so many factors that need to be taken in to consideration other than the airline’s “minimum” requirements.

Larger dogs, for example, require much more spare space than the industry guidelines suggest, in order for them to feel comfortable and not confined or restrained.

  • A dog may be far longer than it is wide, meaning the width of the kennel needs to be much wider than the airline’s minimum requirements, in order for the dog to be able to turn around comfortably
  • An extremely nervous animal or a rescue animal may need to have a crate much larger than necessary, to keep them from panicking and becoming stressed- which can lead to severe health complications
  • A snub-nosed breed such as a Bull Dog or Pug needs extra room to ensure there is plenty of ventilation

All of these factors and more should be taken in to consideration when deciding on the crate size.

Just because a travel crate meets the airline’s requirements or industry standards, it does not mean that the kennel is correct for your individual pet.

We hope that this information has helped explain the importance of having the correct sized crate and making sure your pet is well acclimatized to it’s crate prior to travel. Should you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact us at or on +44 (0)1293 551140

If you are relocating your pet or know someone who is, please read and share this information so that we can ensure all animals are transported safely and comfortably.