The Best and Safest Countries to Relocate to With Your Cat

Planning on moving abroad with your cat? If you want to live a safe and content life with your pet, it’s important you do your research before deciding on your destination as some countries may be more welcoming and safer for your feline than others.

There are many countries that treat their cats like the important members of the family that they are but there are some that have strict rules when it comes to pets.

There are plenty of countries where cats are truly appreciated and your crazy cat personality won’t be out of place.

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It’s safe to say that citizens of the United States love cats. One in three households owns a pet cat making the feline one of the most favoured pets in the country. They adore their cats so much that it’s not uncommon to see American’s bring their pet along when they go out and about.

The USA even has a few cat cafes, which are establishments that are focused on the well-being of cats and many of them partner with shelters and rescue centres to help cats find happy homes. They also have dedicated pet relocation consultants that are dedicated to helping pets settle into their new environment.

You can rest assured that if you move to the USA your cat will be more than just safe but it will also be treated like royalty.


It’s no secret that the Japanese are obsessed with cats and have a longstanding, loving relationship with the animal. They even have a theme park based around Hello Kitty and have their very own ‘Cat Island’ where cats thrive in large numbers and the Neko-jinja (cat shrine) is the feature.

It’s estimated that there are around 7.25 million cats in Japan and on Aoshima Island, another cat paradise, the cat to human ratio is almost 100:15.

A huge amount of Japanese people have cats as pets and there’s an abundance of cat salons, cat cafeterias and pet food shops all over the country.

There’s no doubt that your pet cat will be welcomed with open arms when you arrive in Japan.


Cats are commonplace in Greece and they are well taken care of by the community. Whether you’re in Athens or on one of the many beautiful islands such as Santorini or Mykonos cats lounging around the streets and archaeological sites is ordinary.

Cats are a part of the Greek landscape, you’ll find them on beaches and even napping peacefully amongst piles of books or souvenirs. Tourists and residents’ fuss over the cats and often feed them in exchange for a warm welcome. So, if you’re looking to take your cat abroad, both you and your four-pawed friend would fit in here.


Russia is perhaps one of the world’s most cat-friendly countries. In 2017, a study of cat ownership showed that Russians were the most enthusiastic cat fans with59% of the population saying they had a cat at home.

St Petersburg is an especially cat-friendly city and you will often see them snoozing under café tables, wandering the streets and you might even find them living in museums. They are very much part of the city culture here, so much so that despite certain hygiene reservations, a lot of restaurants and cafes have resident cats that will quite literally join you at your table while you dine.

I think it’s safe to say that your fluffy friend will most certainly be welcome in this country.