Relocate to These Countries to Avoid Dog Quarantine

For most UK pet owners, the word ‘dog quarantine’ is met with much fear and dread. After all, not only do you not want to be without your beloved pet, you won’t even be able to explain to them why you have to leave them for such a long time.

However, do remember that dogs are pretty resilient and forgiving! It is really a judgement call and choice to make based on your individual dog and your own situation. For example, quarantine for a dog that suffers from severe separation anxiety, may not be in their best interest.

Whilst it may appear to be an unkind situation to put a pet in, quarantine is a necessary precaution. For some countries, they simply want to keep their native wildlife populations and resident pets safe and the quarantine process ensures the country remains disease free.

Understandably, if you are looking to move overseas and have these concerns, you will want to focus on relocating to countries with no pet quarantine requirements. Well, you have come to the right place!

Countries are classified as rabies free, rabies controlled and high rabies. As the UK is a rabies free country, travelling to another rabies-free country rarely requires quarantine. There are of course exceptions like Australia, although this is now only 10 days rather than the original 30. Transporting your pet to a country classed as high rabies may not require quarantine to enter but if you were to return to the UK, it is possible your pet may require a period in quarantine.

European Countries

Perhaps an obvious one, but thanks to the pet passport scheme dog travel to member countries doesn’t require quarantine. This makes travelling internationally with a dog extremely easy, so Europe is a good choice for those looking for a relatively stress-free relocation.

However, there is uncertainty surrounding Brexit and it is not yet clear exactly how pet travel will be affected when the UK leaves the EU.


A popular emigration destination for many British citizens, Canada is also an ideal choice for Brits moving with pets.

Whilst there are certain importation regulations to adhere to, your dog will not need to spend any time at all in quarantine.


Unless you are looking to relocate with a whole house full of pets, India may just be the place to expatriate to. One of the strict import restrictions is that you are only permitted to import two pets per person (only dogs and cats are classed as pets in India).

Therefore, as long as you meet the country’s specific importation requirements, you can relocate your pet to India without quarantine.  Yet, be aware that if you move back to the UK your pet may have to spend time in quarantine.

United Arab Emirates

Whilst your dog will require a plethora of vaccinations to meet UAE import regulation, you will be able to take your fury friend straight to your new home when you land.

In fact, the import requirements are so straightforward, the UAE is definitely worth considering as a potential to move to with your dog.

However, be mindful of certain restrictions on keeping dogs that apply in some areas such as Dubai where dogs must be kept on leads and are not permitted in public parks or beaches.

United States of America

As a whole, the USA is not a quarantine free country. This is because import requirements are determined independently by each state. Hawaii is the perfect example of a USA state which has stringent rules regarding quarantine.

Yet, there are many states where quarantine is not required so don’t rule it out entirely without making further enquiries.

There are of course other countries which also do not require dog quarantine. We have just focused on the most popular amongst British expats.