4 Must Have Apps for Travelling with Pets

Planning a trip with your fur baby? Whether it’s just a short weekend getaway or you’re off on a long-distance adventure you want to make sure that your travels go smoothly. Travelling with your pet is exciting and rewarding but it can also be stressful. There are extra things to think about when taking your pet abroad, you need to consider pet-friendly accommodation, where the nearest vet might be in case of an emergency or where your pooch might be able to make some doggy pals.

Well, there’s no need to panic because there’s an app for that. Here’s a list of four useful mobile apps that will help keep you and your furry friend safe and happy when on your travels.


Cost: Free

Available on: App Store & Google Play

The last thing you want when on your holidays is for your pet to get sick or injured, however, sometimes these things can’t be avoided and it’s important that you can easily track down a veterinary should you need to. This is when you’d use VetFinder. The app uses your phone’s location to find the nearest vet. If you’re worried about not having an internet connection, you can also download information for a given area in advance so that it will be available offline.

If you’re looking for something specific you can use the filters to narrow down the results by animal type and other necessities such as car parking or card payment facilities.


Cost: Free

Available on: App Store & Google Play

This app is essential. You can use it when planning your trip and when on the road. The main feature of this app and the one that makes everyone rave about it is it’s pet-friendly accommodation help. It offers assistance in finding the best pet-friendly accommodation in the area you’re travelling to and allows you to filter the options by certain requirements. You can also book your stay through the app.

It’s also a quick and easy way to find dog-friendly places. Whether you’re looking for a dog-friendly park, beach or restaurant BringFido will show you the way. It also lists all the useful facilities you might need when out and about such as vets, pet shops and even dog walkers.


Cost: Free

Available on: App Store & Google Play

When we go on holiday or travelling to different places we like to meet new people and make new friends, well, so do our pets. If you’re on a long trip away from home your pooch might be feeling a bit homesick or lonely. Meeting some new doggy friends could help with this. This is where BarkHappy comes in.

Think of it kind of like a dating app for dogs. You set up a profile for your furry friend and then search for other dogs in the area. You can then use the messaging tool to arrange a rendezvous with a dog and its owner of your choice. You can even use the app to find the perfect dog-friendly location to host your meet up.

Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Tracker

Cost: Tracker – £44.99 +         App – Free

Available on: App Store & Google Play

One worry about going anywhere with your pet is that they might run away or get lost and not be able to find their way back. This is even more of a concern if you are in a city or country that you and your pet don’t know. The excitement and stress of unfamiliar surroundings can make this more likely. With Tractive, no matter when or where you can stay connected to your pet through real-time GPS tracking.

It’s not a small investment but it’s an investment worth making especially if you’re planning on travelling with your pet. All you need to do is purchase a Tractive GPS tracker, which start at £44.99 and then download the app. You’ll then be able to see the exact location of your four-legged friend at all times. The app will also alert you if your pet leaves its ‘safe area’ an area that you can set when setting up the tracker.

There are also a variety of apps you can use when transporting your pet abroad. Check out our blog ‘6 Top iPhone Apps to Use When Transporting Your Dog’ for more.