Managing Emotions When Moving Your Pets Abroad

Moving abroad can be stressful and emotional at the best of the times but when you are moving your pet abroad too, emotions can be heightened. Sometimes it may mean you have to part with your pet for some time before the move.

Here are a few tips for managing your emotions when moving your pet abroad:


Make sure they are in the best hands

If you know that your pet is in a place that will look after him/her and safely transport them to their destination, then this will instantly make you feel better and help you to relax.

Finding the right pet travel company is essential as they can assist you with all aspects of moving your pet abroad, which will be a weight off your shoulders.

The job of a pet travel company is to ensure a smooth journey for your pet whether it’s just organising the flight or providing a complete door to door service. A specialist pet travel agent like us will make sure that your pet is looked after from start to finish.

Make sure they’re comfortable

Knowing your pet is comfortable whilst on their travels will ease your mind. When going abroad by plane pets need to travel in a special IATA approved travel crate. PBS always deliver the travel kennel to you in advance so that you can start getting your pet used to the environment that they’ll be travelling in.

Travelling abroad can be very overwhelming for pets as being in unusual surroundings can cause them high amounts of stress. Therefore, it’s important to get them used to get them comfortable in the crate they’ll be travelling in over time so that it’s not so scary when the big day arrives. Knowing they’re comfortable will also help to manage your worry as you will be reassured that they won’t be stressing.

Stay calm

Pets feed off your energy and emotions so if they can sense that you are stressed or worried then they will naturally feel the same.

A move abroad comes with a lot of upheavals such as boxes being thrown around, suitcases being packed and all the other hustle and bustle which doesn’t make a good environment for a pet and they will be able to tell that something is happening. Therefore, staying calm and managing your emotions is essential to keeping your dog calm too. This is why it is often best to have your pet arrive at the new destination a few days after you so that all the disruption is over before they arrive.

Get ready for their arrival

The worst part is over, you left your pet in the trusty hands of the travel agent and have arrived at your new home. You can now get excited about their arrival. No doubt you are worried about their journey but to take your mind off that start preparing their area or a safe space in the home where your pet will feel comfortable and can start to get used to their new environment.

Fill it with familiar objects like some of their favourite toys, their food and water bowls, their bed and anything else that they will recognise or will smell of ‘home’. This will help them to adjust to the change when they arrive and will, in turn, help you relax knowing that they are happy.

If you’re worried about moving your pet abroad, PBS specialist pet travel can guide and reassure you. We love animals and understand that they are an important part of the family and their journey abroad is just as vital as yours. Our animal courier services aim to relieve you of jobs and worry and transport your pet safely to their destination.