Hamsters as Pets

One of the most popular small pets, especially for children, are hamsters. Solitary in nature, easily looked after and supremely handleable it is little wonder that hamsters have become so popular. If you’re looking for information and advice on hamsters as pets – both the pros and the cons – then read on to discover all […]

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How to Get Your Dog to Eat Dry Food

It’s no secret that dried food tends to be better for your dog than wet food. Its crunchy texture helps to clean the teeth and gums, improving oral hygiene. Many super-premium dried foods also contain higher quality ingredients than the average tinned dog food. Lastly, even the most expensive dried foods tend to work out […]

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What Do Gerbils Eat?

While they may not match the popularity of the Syrian hamster, gerbils are still very common pets, especially among children. It is hardly difficult to understand why; gerbils are fascinating to watch, typically live longer than hamsters and are far less likely to bite. However what you might not know is just what gerbils will […]

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9 Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog

Many dog owners consider their part an important part of their family; in many ways they’re almost human and we frequently treat them as such. Just one element of this is that many dog owners like to share their own food with their dog, whether that’s a little titbit off their plate at dinner time […]

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