Common Guinea Pig Illnesses

Guinea pigs are typically very healthy animals when kept properly. Indeed, as you’ll see, many of the more common guinea pig diseases are easily avoided with the right husbandry. That said, there are a number of ailments which guinea pigs seem more prone to, which is the focus of this article. Signs of Guinea Pig […]

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What Do Chinchillas Eat?

Chinchillas are well-known for their cute appearance, rotund bodies and fluffy tails. Few could fail to fall for such an animals, which explains why so many are now kept as pets. However, chinchillas are far more “specialist” pets than most other “small furries”, requiring considerably different care to more commonly-kept guinea pigs, rabbits or hamsters. […]

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Chinchilla Caging: What Pet Owners Need to Know

Chinchillas are relatively large and active pets, which require a suitably large cage for exercise. In addition, they are well-known for their ability to gnaw through most materials, meaning that their cage must be sturdy. In short, chinchillas as pets require specialist caging; there are very few existing cages for other pets which can be […]

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Dog Breath: Causes & Cures of Bad Breath in Dogs

Oddly, many dog owners seem to think that dogs naturally suffer with bad breath. However, this is far from the truth, and many dogs never suffer from such problems. If your pooch has breath that’s turning your stomach take heed – because there are solutions to the situation… What Causes Bad Breath in Dogs? There […]

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A Guide to Keeping Chickens

Many people believe that keeping chickens should be left to expert farmers, but this simply isn’t true. If you have a roomy garden and fancy the idea of fresh eggs, then chickens are for you. Contrary to popular belief, keeping chickens is not difficult; it just takes a little know-how to keep them away from […]

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How to Breed Ferrets

Ferrets are entertaining and inquisitive animals that make excellent pets. They’re sociable creatures that love to interact with their owners, others pets, and other ferrets. Breeding ferrets, however, is not as simple as placing a male and female together. If you are thinking about bringing some baby ferrets into the world, you will need to […]

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How To Handle A Naughty Puppy

Puppies are mischievous little creatures. When you bring your little bundle of fur home, you are full of hope as you have read all the books and puppy-proofed the house to Fort Knox standard. You are prepared for accidents on the new carpet in the lounge and, when puppy looks up at you with eyes […]

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Raising A Happy and Healthy Rabbit

Rabbits are a popular pet option for people of all ages and, since the modern wave of many critter lovers keeping their fluffy friend inside as house pets, bunny-fever has become more widespread. Sadly, however, rabbits are now being noted as the most neglected pet. Rabbits are very sensitive animals and time and care must […]

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How to Look After a Chinchilla

Chinchillas are one of the more unusual “small furries” encountered in pet shops. Originating in the Andes Mountains in South America they have an incredibly dense coat in order to protect them from the cold. While chinchillas are rodents like hamsters and gerbils. their care is considerably different. For one thing they’re relatively large and […]

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Ferrets as Pets

Ferrets are animals which can divide even the biggest pet fans. Some people base their opinions on rumours and hearsay, assuming that ferrets smell bad, bite regularly and generally make bad pets. Still others, however, know people who have ferrets and understand what fantastic pets they can make when you follow some simple guidance. Indeed, […]

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