Breeding Cockatiels

Breeding cockatiels is not a particularly difficult exercise. At its most basic all you need are a pair of birds of appropriate age who are suitably pair-bonded. It seems that changes in day length and daytime temperature are major factors in the onset of breeding and some cockatiel owners get home to find one or […]

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Imperial / Emperor Scorpion Care

The emperor scorpion, also known as the imperial scorpion, is one of the most commonly found scorpions in captivity. This is no accident, as emperor scorpions make one of the most impressive and forgiving species of pet scorpions. Emperors are large scorpions, often reaching between 4.5 and 6 inches in overall length as adults. As […]

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Hamsters as Pets

One of the most popular small pets, especially for children, are hamsters. Solitary in nature, easily looked after and supremely handleable it is little wonder that hamsters have become so popular. If you’re looking for information and advice on hamsters as pets – both the pros and the cons – then read on to discover all […]

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Stick Insects for Kids

  Stick insects can represent an ideal first pet for children, on account of their ease of care. Just a few benefits of stick insects for kids include: Stick insects are short-lived meaning that you won’t be left cleaning and feeding them for decades to come if your children get bored Stick insects are generally […]

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How to Get Your Dog to Eat Dry Food

It’s no secret that dried food tends to be better for your dog than wet food. Its crunchy texture helps to clean the teeth and gums, improving oral hygiene. Many super-premium dried foods also contain higher quality ingredients than the average tinned dog food. Lastly, even the most expensive dried foods tend to work out […]

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How to Keep Your Fish Tank Clean

  Aquariums are in essence a “closed system” – that is to say that when your fish defecate or food is left uneaten, there is simply nowhere for it go apart from floating around in the water. For obvious reasons, over time this build-up of organic waste can be harmful for your fish, as well […]

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Gerbils Vs Hamsters

Two of the most popular small pets available in pet shops are hamsters and gerbils. Traditionally hamsters have been viewed as the best pet – especially for children – but is that really the case? The purpose of this article is simple; to present a balanced view of the “gerbils vs hamsters” argument, in order […]

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Good Pets for Flats

What happens if you live in a flat, yet love animals? Certainly it’s likely that keeping a dog or cat in a flat (especially if it’s rented) will be out of the question. But that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t keep any kind of pet. Infact, as it turns out there are all […]

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The Beginners Guide to Keeping Tree Frogs as Pets

Tree frogs have an enviable reputation; even people that turn white just thinking about keeping pet tarantulas or snakes seem to fall in love with tree frogs. Something about their big round eyes, bulbous toes for climbing and rounded little bodies seems to endear them to people of all ages. If you’re considering keeping tree […]

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Pet Flights – Flights for Cats and Dogs

Most pets travelling abroad are transported on planes. This ensures that your dog or cat is contained within their airline-approved carrier for as little time as possible. In this way pet flights are designed to minimize any stress on your best friend. That said, flying with pets means complying with a range of rules and […]

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How to Calm a Hyperactive Dog

There is little worse than a hyperactive, over-excitable dog, both for you and your pet. A hyperactive pet is very rarely a happy one, and its inability to calm down is often caused by stress or other negative psychological triggers. For you, a hyperactive dog can be noisy, boisterous and cause annoyance or even danger […]

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