Pet Theft: How to Prevent Your Dog from Being Stolen

In recent months there have been a growing number of reported dog thefts around the country.  The worrying trend of dogs going missing has caused owners to become increasingly concerned over the welfare of their beloved pets.

With this rise in dog theft, puppy owners have been taking extra precautions to ensure that they keep their furry friends safe and sound.

So, if you’re worried about your dog being stolen here are a few safety measures you can take to protect your dogs from being stolen by thieves.

Don’t leave your dog outside a shop

Sometimes when nipping into a shop to grab something it’s convenient to tie your dog up outside whilst you run in. However, this makes your pup vulnerable and is a prime opportunity for someone to come along and steal them. Therefore, it’s recommended that you avoid leaving your dog outside a shop alone and either leave them at home or ensure that someone stays with them while you enter the shop.

Don’t leave your dog in the car

Similarly, dogs are often left in the car alone for a short period of time while you run quick errands. This is another prime time for thieves to strike. Thieves can easily break into your car to steal your precious pet.

To reduce the risk of your dog being stolen it’s advised that you don’t leave your dog in the car unsupervised.

Keep them safe when out walking

There have been many reports of dogs being taken when out walking with their owners. To prevent this from happening beware of strangers asking questions about your dog, vary the times and routes of your dogs to avoid your dog being targeted. It’s also suggested that you keep your dog on a lead when walking so that they don’t go out of sight, but if you do want to let your dog roam off the lead, ensure that they stay close by and have a good recall.

Protect pregnant doggies

If your dog is due to have puppies it’s even more important that you ensure their safety as thieves often seek out pregnant dogs and dogs with a new litter. Be extra vigilant, don’t leave a pregnant dog or newborn puppies unattended and avoid advertising on social media.

Keep garden fences secure

It’s always a good idea to make sure that all your garden fences are secured to prevent your pet from escaping or people accessing it easily.

Get a pet tracker

Pet trackers are equipped with GPS trackers that allow you to locate your pet at any time, anywhere. Pet trackers are generally a GPS collar attachment that is connected to your smartphone that shows you the exact location of your pet. This can also be useful when travelling with your dog.

What to do if your dog is stolen

If the worst happens and your dog is lost or you suspect that they’ve been stolen, it’s important to act quickly:

  • report the loss of your dog to the police and insist that it is recorded as theft and ask for a crime reference number
  • ask around in your local community make people aware and ask them to keep an eye out for your dog
  • report the loss/theft to the microchip database, this will ensure that if anyone tries to re-register the chip number, you will be informed
  • make posters and display them in local parks, shop windows, vets and anywhere else that will allow you to. Make sure to include a clear photograph and details of the circumstances.
  • go to your local vets and make them aware in case someone takes your dog in for treatment
  • report the loss on missing animal websites
  • contact local animal shelters and rescue charities and send them posters to display

Dogs are such precious parts of the family and the devastation that a lost pup can cause doesn’t bear thinking about, so make sure you take the above provisions.