The Best Subscription Boxes for Pets

At the moment, it can take a little more effort to get to the shop. Not only are they busier than usual, but it can be hard to know when to go safely.

If the move towards online shopping was not already coming in fast, it certainly will do in 2021. Some companies have brought out subscription boxes that take away the effort of browsing for single items for your pet.

For pet owners, treating our pets every now and then is likely a necessity that cannot be forgotten. There are now several pet food subscription boxes to ease this worry. You can get your pet what they want and need without even leaving the house.

The subscription box companies deliver the goods straight to your door. You don’t even have to remember to get it again the following month! Subscription boxes even save you money as they are tailored as bundles by experts, with more value for money than if you bought the items separately. prides itself on creating food tailored by vets and nutritionists to your dogs’ needs. Their food aids better digestion, healthier skin, stronger joints and more. It is perfectly balanced with the right proteins, fats and minerals.

They base their monthly box on your dog’s age, breed, weight and personal diet preferences. It even adjusts as they grow. They are an exclusively online business, so they have competitive prices.

Butternut Box

This company believes that dogs should eat human-grade food without any preservatives. So, if you see your dog as a member of the family, this might be the choice for you.

The Butternut Box is 60% meat and 40% vegetables, meaning your dog’s diet will be as nutritious as possible, without any frills. You can skip a month if you get too many stocked up at home or stop it any time.


All cat owners know how fussy cats can be, and nutritious ingredients are important to Blink! too. Their subscription box contains ingredients sourced from the UK where possible, free from added sugars, salt and other cheap fillers that other brands may use. This means your cat gets only the best!

They have a choice of different sized boxes and flavours. You can get a trial box for just £3 if you want to make sure your kitty will approve.

Top Collar

Top Collar also do hampers if you would prefer a one-off treat. This box comes in letterbox friendly packaging, so you’ll never miss the delivery. Their most recent Christmas Hamper included gingerbread man treats to get your dog in the spirit. It sold out, so it is certainly one to keep an eye on for next year!


If you’re after something a little more upmarket, the GnawBox by Nature Gnaws contains high-quality treats like jerky chews, bully sticks and tendons, fit for any pampered pooch.

It comes in a choice of large or small. It will make your dog feel loved every month, with 15 to 20 chews each month. They are also shorter and thinner to protect your dog’s dental health.


The WufWuf box is aimed at owners who love a bit of British pop culture and literature. It contains a variety of new and exciting toys valued at over £40, for just £18.90 per month. They each have a theme so that your dog never gets bored.

For example, the latest box was Shakespeare themed and contained premium treats, a 10-year planner and a sturdy rope toy. Each month will be a surprise for you and your dog with this one.

Greenwell Pet

This box is for the most pampered of pooches. The subscription will give your dog an array of health and wellness goodies each month, such as supplements, grooming products and eco-friendly toys.

This box will boost your dog’s immunity and wellbeing. Let your dog live their best life and give them the gift of a Greenwell Pet box each month.

We hope we have convinced you that a subscription box is a good choice for pampering your pet. Get in touch if you would like any advice from our team of pet experts.