Pet Friendly Cities to Visit Around the World

If you’re a proud pet parent and planning on visiting a new city, it’s important that you pick a destination which is pet-friendly so that both you and your furry friend can enjoy the trip. There are various factors that make a city pet-friendly, things such as pet-friendly public transport, pet-friendly eating establishments and sufficient parks and walking spots. Here are 5 of the best pet-friendly cities in the world that you can add to your list.


Amsterdam could be one of the most pet-friendly cities in the world. Pets can ride the metro, tram and bus all for free if they are well behaved and kept on a lead of course. You can also take your pet on the train but dogs must purchase a ticket of their own. Even some of the cruises along the Amstel allow dogs on board and you’ll often see dogs feeling the wind in their fur riding on the front of bicycles in specially designed dog baskets.

Amsterdam has many off-leash areas around the city where dogs can run free and there’s plenty of parks in Amsterdam where dogs can burn some energy.

The city also gets a thumbs up where eating is concerned as there is an abundance of dog-friendly restaurants. Even if the eateries don’t allow dogs inside, they will almost always allow them outside. If a place is not pet-friendly, they will usually display a sign in the window so it is easy to spot where you can and can’t go.


Pets in Paris, especially dogs, are treated like royalty. Dogs accompany their owners almost everywhere and are even allowed in restaurants and shops. Small dogs can travel free on almost all transport including buses, trams and the metro. Larger dogs are also allowed but they are required to pay a small fare.

Dining with your pooch is all the rage in Paris and bistros and cafes are very welcoming to pets and their owners and allow them to sit both inside and outside.

Even though the Parisians are relaxed on the dining and transport they do have strict rules when it comes to pets in the parks. There are quite a few parks and green spaces where pets are banned so if you’ve got your heart set on Paris it’s a good idea to do some research prior to your trip to find out where’s best to walk your dog.

New York

The people of New York are madly in love with their animals and there are more than 1.1 million cats and dogs in the city. Therefore, if you’re heading to New York you can relax knowing that your furry friend will be more than welcome.

Even some of the swankiest hotels in New York such as the Affinia Manhattan and the Crosby Street Hotel, Soho welcome four-legged guests and make them feel as comfortable as anyone.

There are plenty of pet-friendly restaurants in New York too and many allow pets both inside and outside. The city is so pet-obsessed that some restaurants even have a menu specifically for dogs.

The only thing to be aware of in New York is that pets are generally not allowed on public transport. If your pet can fit in a bag, then you’re okay but if you have a larger dog you may need to find a different way of getting around.


Barcelona has become increasingly pet-friendly in the last few years. It has a huge number of parks across the city including Park Güell that welcomes dogs and it has even opened a year-round dog-friendly beach where tail waggers can run along the sand and splash in the sea at any time of the year.

Bakeries in Barcelona don’t only bake treats for you but a lot of them also offer similar treats for pets so if your pooch has been good on their travels, you can reward them with a dog cake.

The city has also got better at accommodating dogs in restaurants and you will find a lot more eateries that allow dogs inside or provide a place, or even a bed, where dogs can stay while you enjoy your meal.


When the Four Seasons hotel accepts dogs you know that you’ve picked the right city. Toronto is extremely pet-friendly and many of the hotels in the city welcome pets with open arms.

Pets can hop on board the cities public transport but only during off-peak hours so unless your pet is small enough to fit in your bag you need to keep this in mind.

There are around 60 off-leash dog parks in the city of Toronto where dogs can run freely and burn some energy. There’s also a wealth of hiking and walking routes in Toronto but it’s important to note that some areas require pets to be on leads.

They’re not so relaxed when it comes to pets in restaurants, however, it seems like this could be changing with many establishments now allowing pets on the patios and the first dog-friendly café opening last year.