3 Astonishing Products to Make Travelling With Your Dog More Enjoyable

Make travelling with your dog much more enjoyable with these amazing new products and services.Travelling with pets is often one of the most stressful situations that a caring pet owner will have to go through. Whether it’s a nervous or over-excitable dog, the lack of home comforts or being in a new place, keeping your dog happy and healthy while on the road can be a challenge.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We went in search of some of the most unique and interesting pet travel products around, in order to demonstrate just how easy travelling with your dog can be when you have the right supplies.

Read on to discover three products that you’ve probably never heard of before – but may soon start thinking you can’t cope without…

Wag ‘N’ Go Bag

The Wag ‘N’ Go travel bag aims to let you take your dog’s home comforts with you, wherever you may go. The sturdy tote bag that can be easily thrown over the shoulder while out walking and is made of hard-wearing waterproof material.

The travel bag isn’t empty either; with your Wag ‘N’ Go you’ll have all your most important dog supplies on hand – wherever you happen to find yourself.

The bag contains a travel bowl, a comfortable sleeping mat and storage containers for both food and water. The travel containers are sturdy and freezable so even if you’re heading off early in the morning you can be sure that your pooch only has the freshest meal to look forward to.

Find out more about the Wag ‘N’ Go bag at: wagngo.com

Anxiety Wrap

The anxiety wrap looks like a body-warmer for dogs. It’s washable, sturdy design wraps around your dog’s body like a warm blanket. However the anxiety wrap is capable of so much more than keeping your dog warm.

Originally invented by pet behaviour expert Susan Sharpe after she tested out an astonishing 90 different prototypes, the anxiety wrap was developed to alleviate shyness and anxiety in dogs. So how does it accomplish this?

Primarily the anxiety wrap works through a combination of gentle warmth and acupressure which hundreds of owners over the years have found helped to calm down hyperactive and fearful dogs. Not surprisingly, while your pet shouldn’t be allowed to wear the wrap all the time, it is a perfect tool to deal with nervousness while travelling.

Simply slip it on and watch the anxiety melt away.

Find out more about the Anxiety Wrap at: https://anxietywrap.com

Epic Calm

Ever wonder to yourself what you give some of the richest and most famous actors on the planet? If you’re the Oscars, then just one ingredient handed out to the celebrities in their $80,000 goodie bags last year was a bottle from Epic Natural Supplements.

Epic Natural Supplements manufactures a range of all-natural supplements. Of these, possibly the most useful for pet owners travelling with a nervous dog is the “Calm” formulation. Made from a natural blend of filtered water, minerals and electrolytes it promises to encourage “tranquil, relaxed behaviour”.

Simply add a few drops of the formula to your dog’s water just before travelling and let Epic Calm sooth your pet’s frayed nerves.

Find out more about the Epic Natural Supplements at: epicpethealth.com

Make travelling with your dog much more enjoyable with these amazing new products and services.