Moving Abroad with Exotic Pets

Exotic SnakeMoving abroad alone is stressful but add in relocating your pet as well and this can produce many more challenges. However, leaving your beloved pet behind isn’t an option.

When considering moving abroad with your exotic pet it’s advised to plan ahead because there are many preparations needed that you must start months in advance.

You must consider both the regulations of your airline and your destination country and ensure that your pet is as relaxed as possible throughout the journey. Whether it’s by car, plane, train or on foot, travelling with your exotic pet can be very trying.

What you need to think about

If you’re travelling by air, train or boat you will need a compliant pet carrier, especially when flying and your pet is travelling as checked baggage or cargo.

If your pet is travelling in the cabin with you, the carrier you choose will have to fit under the seat in front of you, have adequate ventilation, have a waterproof bottom and be secure. If your pet is travelling in cargo, you will need a carrier which is approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). It’s vital that it’s made of a rigid material, securely assembled, ventilated on all four sides and has an appropriately locked door that your pet won’t be able to open.

Know what your animal needs

If your plan is to move your pet abroad with you then it’s important that you are aware of your pets needs whilst travelling.

For example, reptiles are cold-blooded animals and they cannot regulate their own temperature and this needs to be kept in mind when animals such as snakes, and lizards are being transported.

The cargo of a plane can vary in extreme temperatures and therefore it’s advised that

Know the laws

Make sure that you do all of the necessary research on any possible rules and regulations when it comes to travelling with exotic pets. Each airline and country has different rules on how your pet travels so it’s advised to get up to speed on this first.

Provide them with the essentials

Making sure that your pet has everything they need during the journey is vital. If they are travelling in the cargo of an aeroplane, they will be separated from you and therefore you need to make sure that they have:

  • water
  • food
  • air