Where in the world would your dog be most welcome?

We understand that your furry friend is your pride and joy and when going off on your travels you don’t want to leave them behind, you want them alongside you seeing the world. However, it’s not always easy to travel with your dog as there can be a lot of restrictions, which vary from country to country. Not all countries allow dogs into the country and some have strict rules on where dogs are allowed. But not every country makes it difficult to be a dog owner. If you’re looking to travel with your doggo you may want to consider one of these six countries.


This European country is known for its relaxed dog policies and it’s pretty simple to take your dog to France. You just need to ensure that they are microchipped and vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days in advance of your trip.

Dogs are treated like royalty by the French so don’t be surprised if you see a pup sitting at its own seat at the table or riding around in a basket on the front of a bicycle.

They are generally very relaxed when it comes to allowing pets in restaurants and it’s not hard to find accommodation that will welcome your furry friend with open arms.


Owning a dog in Switzerland is serious business. A training course for first-time dog owners was once a legal requirement, however now it’s just recommended. However, because they take pet ownership so seriously the country is a dog haven.

Most cafes and restaurants make a big effort to accommodate both humans and pups, by offering water and treats as soon as you settle. Most shops also provide dog leashes so that it’s easy to tie up your pooch outside.


Canada is known for its outstanding hospitality but this doesn’t just apply to humans, it extends equally to their animal friends.

There are several pet-friendly beaches and numerous off-leash spaces around the country for your dog to revel in. There’s even a dog-friendly ski resort in Vancouver

The Netherlands

This is an excellent place to come with your pooch. Not only is the country a wonder, but if you want to have fun with your dog whether it be inside or outside The Netherlands is where you need to head.

It’s easy to travel around the country as you can take your dog on all public transport if they are well behaved and kept on a lead. There’s also an abundance of pet-friendly eating establishments around the country where dogs are often allowed inside but if not they will most certainly be allowed to relax in the outside area.


The Swedish love dogs and insist that pooches are only allowed to be in crates or left on their own for a limited amount of time. Swedish dogs are also allowed to walk without a lead in most areas of the county, which is sure to make your little pup happy.

In Sweden, your dog can enjoy the sights just like you as they are welcome to visit the old fortress, botanical gardens, camping grounds and most gourmet restaurants.


If you fancy something a bit different both you and your dog are also very welcome in Tel Aviv in Israel. The city has the highest number of dogs per capita in the world with one dog for every 17 humans and they embrace any furry visitors from outside the country too.

Your pup certainly won’t be bored as there’s lots for them to do. In total, the city has 70 parks specifically for dogs and there’s even an annual dog festival that usually takes place on International Dog Day and is totally focused on celebrating the canines.