6 Questions to Ask Your Pet Shipping Company

Choosing a pet transportation company is not easy. There are an increasing number of companies now claiming to offer a fully-featured pet transportation service. With such a broad range of travel companies, each offering a range of services at a variety of prices, it can be difficult to decide who to entrust your pet to. After all, ensuring your dog or cat arrives at your destination in perfect health is ultimately the most important thing, regardless of cost. So how do you choose the best pet travel company?

In this article we thought we’d provide you with a list of questions you might like to ask any pet transport company that you’re considering. These questions will help you to assess their skills and experience in the field of pet transportation and so should quickly help you make a decision as to which company will be most appropriate for your needs.

Are You A Member of the IPATA?

IPATA is the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. Members of this association are considered to offer the highest standards of knowledge and pet care experienced anywhere. Being a member of the IPATA is an indication not only of the quality of service you can expect from a certain pet travel company but also indicates just how serious the particular company is about your pet’s welfare.

PBS Pet Travel is a proud member of the IPATA.

Can You Arrange For All Paperwork On My Behalf?

While some pet owners opt to arrange their own paperwork before transporting their own pet overseas, in many cases it can be far more practical to let a professional handle this for you. A pet travel expert will know exactly what paperwork is required and so allowing them to arrange paperwork on your behalf ensures that the transportation process goes without a hitch.

There is always a risk if arranging paperwork yourself that your lack of knowledge about the process could result in delays, mistakes or oversights despite your best efforts.

PBS Pet Travel is happy to arrange your pet travel paperwork.

How Long Have You Been Transporting Pets Abroad?

When it comes to cats and dogs we often talk about their “pedigree” – a traceable history of the animal in question. However, it’s a very similar situation with pet transportation companies.

Companies that have been around for some years will not only have built up considerable experience during that time but in addition, it should be simple enough to check up on them and find independent reviews from previous customers.

Can You Provide Me With Feedback From Previous Customers?

A reliable pet shipping company that has been around some time should have all manner of positive feedback from previous clients. It is smart before entrusting any company with your beloved pet that you ensure they really are as good at their job as they claim.

Asking to see client testimonials can be a great way to find those shipping companies that offer a high-level service.

Click here to read our testimonials.

Do You Supply Airline Approved Kennels?

When it comes to taking your cat or dog on a plane, every airline has its own requirements about the caging you use. If we’re honest these airline approved kennels can be pricey and difficult to get hold of. As a result, finding a pet shipping company that provides these cages on your behalf can save you a lot of money and effort in buying your own unit.

Are You A Preferred Provider For Any Airlines?

A sure sign of a company with a strong reputation is one that has been named as a “preferred provider”. Typically these shipping companies will have worked with specific airlines for years, building up strong relationships with these providers and learning exactly how they like to do business.

As a result, finding a pet shipping company that is the preferred supplier of an airline is a very good sign that the transportation process will go smoothly for all parties.