Beginners Guide to Keeping Leopard Geckos

Leopard Geckos are a very popular first reptile. These small crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk) lizards are native to India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, where the environment is dry and rocky. Unlike other gecko species, Leopard Geckos don’t have sticky toepads on their feet to climb walls. These cute little creatures are relatively easy to […]

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What to Do if Your Snake Stops Eating

There can be a number of reasons why your snake won’t eat, and it can be a common problem with captive snakes. There is no need to be concerned if this is the first time they have refused food. However, if you are unable to find the cause and it is a persistent problem or […]

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How to Breed Terrapins

Terrapins are freshwater turtles, of which there are only seven species. These aquatic pets are very popular in the UK and there are countless specialist reptile stores that sell hatchlings. However, there are many reputable breeders too. If you have terrapin experience, you may wish to breed your own. This guide will help you get […]

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Garden Safety Tips for Tortoises

There’s no denying the fact that spending time outdoors can be very beneficial for pet tortoises. The ability to bask in natural sunlight, for example, can help to keep your pet fit and healthy on warm summer days. At the same time, having the space to dash around your lawn exploring and looking for food […]

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What is the Difference Between Terrapins and Turtles?

Terrapins and turtles are both aquatic reptiles, but much disagreement exists about the differences between these two chelonians. Indeed, the difference really depends on where you live; within the USA the word terrapin is rarely, if ever used. Instead all aquatic members of the tortoise family are known as “turtles”. Within the UK, and much […]

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Which Ferries Allow Dogs on Board? 2023 Update

Since Brexit and the removal of the UK from the EU rules around pet travel have changed somewhat. In many cases, as long as a few simple procedures are followed, you can enjoy a trip on a ferry with your dog, cat, or ferret with no problems at all. Some ferry companies have rules that […]

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How to Breed Budgies

Budgies aren’t shy when it comes to breeding and the turnaround from mating to chicks is very quick. Buying a pair of budgies is very popular, and minds begin to wonder about breeding from healthy, happy pairs. It is not as easy as simply having a male and a female if your pair does not […]

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Tortoises as Pets

Tortoises can make fantastic pets, particularly for older children and adults. Many can live to be more than 50 years old, so expect your tortoise to become an integral part of the family for the decades to come. Many assume that tortoises are robust, due to their tough shells. However, tortoises are delicate creatures and […]

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Lizard Guide: Bearded Dragon Shedding Process

Shedding is a natural process in all reptiles. The process is also referred to as moulting, peeling, or sloughing, and is when your bearded dragon casts off its old skin. After your beardie sheds, the skin underneath is brand new and you’ll notice the colours are more vivid in the first few days, even more […]

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What Do Terrapins Eat?

Terrapins can make fantastic pets for people looking for something a little bit “different”. However caring for a terrapin requires some specialist knowledge. One of the factors that can make terrapin care a little more challenging is that they require quite a specialist diet. Understandably, one of the most common questions asked among new terrapin […]

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