What to Feed Ferrets for the Perfect Diet?

Long gone are the days of feeding ferrets premium cat food like back in the 80s. As time has progressed, ferret research has revealed that our fury friends have a high metabolic rate and function best on eight to 10 small meals per day. Ferrets are strict carnivores who need a high energy, high protein […]

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Ferret Diet: What Can Ferrets Eat?

Ferrets have a very specialist diet, which must be carefully met in captivity if they are to remain fit and healthy. Here’s what the caring pet owner needs to know… What Do Ferrets Eat in the Wild? Ferrets are mustelids – related to stoats, weasels and otters. As you might imagine from this lifestyle, ferrets […]

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What Do Chinchillas Eat?

Chinchillas are well-known for their cute appearance, rotund bodies and fluffy tails. Few could fail to fall for such an animals, which explains why so many are now kept as pets. However, chinchillas are far more “specialist” pets than most other “small furries”, requiring considerably different care to more commonly-kept guinea pigs, rabbits or hamsters. […]

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Looking After Koi Carp

If you have ever seen orange and yellow shapes moving below the surfaces of ponds, chances are you have clapped eyes on a koi carp. They are a striking breed of large ornament fish, hailing from China and Japan. Koi carp are often a patchwork quilt of colours, their bodies containing yellows, blacks, oranges, reds […]

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A Guide to Guinea Pig Teeth

Although it may only look like your guinea pig has two upper and two lower incisors, they actually have twenty teeth. Inside their tiny mouths, along with the incisors, are a pair of upper and lower premolars and three pairs of upper and lower molars. Interestingly, guinea pigs do not have canines. Instead, they have […]

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Raising A Happy and Healthy Rabbit

Rabbits are a popular pet option for people of all ages and, since the modern wave of many critter lovers keeping their fluffy friend inside as house pets, bunny-fever has become more widespread. Sadly, however, rabbits are now being noted as the most neglected pet. Rabbits are very sensitive animals and time and care must […]

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Ferrets as Pets

Ferrets are animals which can divide even the biggest pet fans. Some people base their opinions on rumours and hearsay, assuming that ferrets smell bad, bite regularly and generally make bad pets. Still others, however, know people who have ferrets and understand what fantastic pets they can make when you follow some simple guidance. Indeed, […]

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Feeding Terrapins (& Terrapin Food Advice)

If there’s one major downside to keeping terrapins is their feeding habits. There are a number of reasons why feeding terrapins has its challenges: Terrapins are carnivorous. In other words you’re going to need to feed most terrapins some kind of meat. This isn’t just expensive – it can be messy too. Terrapins are messy […]

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Good Pets for Flats

What happens if you live in a flat, yet love animals? Certainly it’s likely that keeping a dog or cat in a flat (especially if it’s rented) will be out of the question. But that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t keep any kind of pet. Infact, as it turns out there are all […]

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Guinea Pig Cages: The Beginners Guide

Guinea pigs are one of the most endearing small pets. They seldom bite, they rarely get ill and they are both clean and quiet. Indeed, normally the only sound you will hear from your pet is a wonderful “churring” or squeaking when he or she realizes that food is on its way. However, despite the […]

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How To Prevent Your Pet From Getting Lost (And Track Them Down If They Do)

It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare. You wake up in the morning, or get home from work, to an eery silence. It takes you a minute to figure out what is different; then your heart stops. Your pet is missing. Each year, over 10 million pets go “missing” – whether that’s because they escaped or, […]

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