Everything You Need to Know About Wet Tail in Hamsters

Does your hamster have a wet and dirty tail? Is the area around their anus soiled? It is likely that your furry friend has Proliferative Ileitis, commonly known as wet tail. It is most common in hamsters that are three to six weeks old, but every hamster can be susceptible. Although it can strike any […]

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5 of the Best Chameleons to Keep as Pets

The world is home to approximately 180 different types of chameleons. Varying in colour, size and appearance, some make better pets than others. Furthermore, there are only a small percentage of breeds bred in captivity, whereas the remained can only be found in the wild. Different pet breeds of chameleon can vary drastically in temperament […]

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Rats vs Hamsters: What’s the Best Pet Rodent?

Hamsters may still be thought of as the “standard” pet rodent, but over the years rats have gained a lot of fans. Many of these passionate rat-owners claim that their chosen pet has an awful lot going for it – assuming you can ignore the tail. They’re smart, clean and playful; but when it comes […]

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Gerbils as Pets

While Syrian hamsters may have been the most popular children’s pet for some decades, many gerbil keepers claim they actually make far better pets – for kids of all ages. If you’re considering purchasing your first gerbil, in this article we’ll try to make a balanced argument, revealing both the good and the bad sides […]

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How to Handle Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are one of the most popular small pets, loved by children and adults alike. With their stocky bodies, and willingness to vocalise at feeding time they project an image of cuteness. That is, of course, until you try to handle them… Guinea pigs can be surprisingly fleet-footed when you’re trying to catch them, […]

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How to Keep Canaries

Canaries have always been popular cage birds thanks to their bright colours, cheerful disposition and wonderful singing. While in recent years they have perhaps become overshadowed by larger and more showy birds like budgerigars and lovebirds, there is still much to be said for the humble canary as a pet… Cages for Canaries Canaries are […]

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The 9 Best Invertebrates for Children

Any pet can help teach children respect and responsibility for animals, but as a lot of invertebrates do not require handling, this can be a fantastic opportunity for children to really get to grips with the complexities of being a pet owner. It is always best to have Mum and Dad on hand, but allowing […]

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Tortoises as Pets

Tortoises can make fantastic pets, particularly for older children and adults. Many can live to be more than 50 years old, so expect your tortoise to become an integral part of the family for the decades to come. Many assume that tortoises are robust, due to their tough shells. However, tortoises are delicate creatures and […]

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How to Breed Ferrets

Ferrets are entertaining and inquisitive animals that make excellent pets. They’re sociable creatures that love to interact with their owners, others pets, and other ferrets. Breeding ferrets, however, is not as simple as placing a male and female together. If you are thinking about bringing some baby ferrets into the world, you will need to […]

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Raising A Happy and Healthy Rabbit

Rabbits are a popular pet option for people of all ages and, since the modern wave of many critter lovers keeping their fluffy friend inside as house pets, bunny-fever has become more widespread. Sadly, however, rabbits are now being noted as the most neglected pet. Rabbits are very sensitive animals and time and care must […]

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How to Look After a Chinchilla

Chinchillas are one of the more unusual “small furries” encountered in pet shops. Originating in the Andes Mountains in South America they have an incredibly dense coat in order to protect them from the cold. While chinchillas are rodents like hamsters and gerbils. their care is considerably different. For one thing they’re relatively large and […]

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