10 Diseases Your Pets Could Give You

We all love getting up close and personal with our pets. Nothing beats an evening cuddle and many of us let our cats and dogs sleep on our beds. Whilst this is absolutely fine and having a bond with your animal is very important, it should be remembered that your pets can carry diseases which […]

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Hamster Bedding: What Every Pet Owner Should Know

Pet hamsters require two different types of bedding; the substrate which lines the base of their cage, and nesting material with which they can create a soft and fluffy bed. You might be surprised to hear that over the years dozens of different hamster bedding materials have been tested, with wildly varying levels of success. […]

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Gerbils as Pets

While Syrian hamsters may have been the most popular children’s pet for some decades, many gerbil keepers claim they actually make far better pets – for kids of all ages. If you’re considering purchasing your first gerbil, in this article we’ll try to make a balanced argument, revealing both the good and the bad sides […]

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What Do Chinchillas Eat?

Chinchillas are well-known for their cute appearance, rotund bodies and fluffy tails. Few could fail to fall for such an animals, which explains why so many are now kept as pets. However, chinchillas are far more “specialist” pets than most other “small furries”, requiring considerably different care to more commonly-kept guinea pigs, rabbits or hamsters. […]

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The 10 Best Pets for Allergy Sufferers

Particularly for children, the concept of not having a pet because you are allergic is unfathomable. When your friends are gloating about their new puppies and kittens, you are left staring longingly at the latest Andrex advert. However, armed with some medication and a bit of knowledge, allergies do not have to mean a pet […]

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How to Look After a Chinchilla

Chinchillas are one of the more unusual “small furries” encountered in pet shops. Originating in the Andes Mountains in South America they have an incredibly dense coat in order to protect them from the cold. While chinchillas are rodents like hamsters and gerbils. their care is considerably different. For one thing they’re relatively large and […]

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What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

There are a huge range of different guinea pig foods for sale, and much conflicting advice on discussion forums about how best to feed your guinea pig. For anyone wondering what guinea pigs eat, what follows is a complete introduction to the guide. Simply follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to […]

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Feeding Terrapins (& Terrapin Food Advice)

If there’s one major downside to keeping terrapins is their feeding habits. There are a number of reasons why feeding terrapins has its challenges: Terrapins are carnivorous. In other words you’re going to need to feed most terrapins some kind of meat. This isn’t just expensive – it can be messy too. Terrapins are messy […]

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Good Pets for Flats

What happens if you live in a flat, yet love animals? Certainly it’s likely that keeping a dog or cat in a flat (especially if it’s rented) will be out of the question. But that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t keep any kind of pet. Infact, as it turns out there are all […]

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Gerbil Cages: Factors You Need To Consider

Gerbils are very popular small pets on account of their lively, inquisitive nature and friendly disposition which can make handling them a pleasure. In comparison to other small pets like Syrian hamsters and mice they’re also far less likely to bite, making them an ideal pet for younger children. That said, if there is a […]

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What Do Gerbils Eat?

While they may not match the popularity of the Syrian hamster, gerbils are still very common pets, especially among children. It is hardly difficult to understand why; gerbils are fascinating to watch, typically live longer than hamsters and are far less likely to bite. However what you might not know is just what gerbils will […]

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