A Guide to Kidney Disease in Cats

As with humans, the kidneys provide a vital function for the body. The kidneys main function is to filter the blood of toxins, get rid of excess water in the body through the production of urine and hormone production to regulate blood pressure and red blood cells. Kidney disease in cats is fairly commonplace, particularly […]

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Why Your Cats Love to Knock Your Stuff Over

As a cat owner, your cat knocking stuff over is something you will have inevitably experienced at some point. It can be cute and funny when it’s an item like your pen or pencil, but when your furry friend starts knocking your mobile phone off of the kitchen table, it can quickly become annoying, costly […]

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10 Foods and Ingredients to Keep Away from Your Dogs and Cats

Our pets will happily nibble on any morsel of food they come across. Whilst chicken is okay for your dog and tuna won’t hurt your cat, there is some human foods that are poisonous to our pets. It is incredibly tempting to feed our pets tit bits from our meals, but it can lead to […]

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Symptoms of Diabetes in Cats

Diabetes is a disease whereby the body’s insulin levels are insufficient to balance out sugar in the blood. This tends to occur either as a result of the body being unable to produce enough insulin, or from the body failing to respond appropriately to the insulin being produced. While diabetes is a reasonably well-known disease […]

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Toxoplasmosis in Cats

Toxoplasmosis in cats is one of the best-know parasitic infections of all. A broad range of news articles and myths surround infections of Toxoplasmosis, but in many cases these are scientifically inaccurate or deliberately deceptive. The goal of this article is to explain the science behind Toxoplasmosis in cats so that you – as a […]

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Taking Dogs & Cats to Hong Kong

Hong Kong; exciting, bustling, futuristic and ready for a brand new adventure with your pet. As a major expat destination drawing in workers from all around the world, every day Hong Kong sees dozens of pets arriving at its airports. If you’re moving to – or visiting – Hong Kong in the near future and […]

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Transporting Dogs & Cats to Australia

  Australia is the single most popular destination for Brits moving abroad. It’s hardly surprising; expats living in Australia report that they feel safer, have more disposable income, more free time and a better quality of life. What’s not to love? On top of all this, the Australian climate makes for a fantastic outdoor existence […]

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Pet Flights – Flights for Cats and Dogs

Most pets travelling abroad are transported on planes. This ensures that your dog or cat is contained within their airline-approved carrier for as little time as possible. In this way pet flights are designed to minimize any stress on your best friend. That said, flying with pets means complying with a range of rules and […]

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Heathrow Airport Pet Travel

With Heathrow Airport seeing over 60 million passengers each year pass through its doors, many will no doubt be arriving or departing with pets in tow. Flights span the whole globe across the five terminals at the airport, and before boarding, whether flying into or out of Heathrow you will need to be fully aware […]

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Gatwick Airport Pet Travel

If you are flying out of or into England, there is every chance you will be arriving or departing from London Gatwick (LGW), the second-largest airport in the UK. Every year millions of people and thousands of animals pass through the two terminals the airport has to offer jetting off to destinations all over the […]

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