Shipping Birds Overseas: How to Reduce Stress

Stress is something that birds are particularly vulnerable to experiencing. As a prey animal, birds have heightened senses and any changes to their surroundings and environment, loud noises and movements, can easily trigger a stress response. Due to their sensitivity to stress, shipping birds is often a significant stress-inducing event, yet it is often unavoidable. […]

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The Best Outdoor Aviary Birds for Beginners

If you have the space and a passion for birds, setting up an outdoor aviary is a delight. Looking after a number of different birds who are able to enjoy their lives outside is highly rewarding. Although learning about keeping an aviary and bird husbandry is a must, we know that picking what will live […]

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Breeding Lovebirds

The first question you need to ask when you’re considering breeding lovebirds is what you will do with the chicks. Pairing up your birds without any idea of who will take the babies off you can end badly, so all captive breeding should be carefully and consciously planned well in advance. Once you’re confident that […]

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Quiet Pet Birds

Here’s a conundrum that gets asked from time to time: what are the best quiet pet birds? The difficulty is that birds, by their very nature, tend to be quite a vocal group of animals. Canaries are known for the beautiful singing abilities, while macaws can screech at impressive volumes. Are there really any pet […]

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Lovebirds vs Budgies as Pets

Trying to decide whether to buy a lovebird or a budgie? Well wonder no more! In this article we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of each pet bird, so you can make an informed decision about the best pet for you. Introduction While cage birds are still less popular pets than cats or […]

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What is Psittacosis in Pet Birds?

Psittacosis, also known as “parrot fever” is a bacterial infection which is capable of passing to humans (technically known as a “zoonotic” infection). Despite the alternative name psittacosis is not found solely in parrots; a large number of other bird species are also capable of carrying the disease including pigeons and poultry. It is believed […]

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The Best Pet Birds for Beginners

When it comes to cage birds, there are a vast range of options available. So much so that selecting the best pet, especially if you’re new to keeping birds, can be a major challenge. Bearing in mind just how long pet birds can live – many will live for 10+ years – it is essential […]

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Heathrow Airport Pet Travel

With Heathrow Airport seeing over 60 million passengers each year pass through its doors, many will no doubt be arriving or departing with pets in tow. Flights span the whole globe across the five terminals at the airport, and before boarding, whether flying into or out of Heathrow you will need to be fully aware […]

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