Pets on Jets: Transporting Animals on Private Jets

-An affordable option within the E.U for you and your pet!

We understand that the cost of hiring a private jet may be outside of most people’s price range. However, as pet lovers ourselves we also know that pet owners are often willing to spend that little bit extra, if it guarantees a stress free journey for their cat or dog (And let’s not forget the extra perks that a private jet can offer us human passengers!)… And it may not be as expensive as you think!

Because we know just how important your pet is to you, we are offering the option of a discounted rate to hire a private jet that can accommodate you, your pet, your luggage – and even the rest of your family! To fly you in style and luxury to your desired destination.

This type of service is perfect for nervous pets, who may not be able to cope with the stress of travelling in the hold of the aircraft and being separated from their owners. Private jet pet travel means you can have your dog or cat with you every step of the way giving both you and your beloved companion ultimate peace of mind. There will be no extra paperwork required, just the standard Pet Passport and you can find more information about this on our Pet Passport Scheme page.

Benefits of pet travel on a private jet

  • When pets travel as “cargo” on a schedules flight, they must check in four hours prior to travel – but when travelling on a private jet, check in is just 20 minutes before take off!
  • Check in at the private terminal at most airports – where you can park right outside and walk straight on to the aircraft!
  • Access to your cat or dog at all times! Cats will need to travel inside their travel kennels, but depending on the aircraft owner’s regulations, your dog can sit on the floor or even the seat next to you!
  • Where applicable, private terminal on arrival with a brief paperwork check and then you are on your way (No four hour wait for your pet to clear customs!)

You are probably wondering how we are able to offer a discounted price? It’s because we are offering the option to hire “empty flights”…..

What are these? When a private jet is hired for a one way flight to pick up or to drop off, this then creates an “empty leg” for the return flight. So for example; when a plane is returning home after dropping its passengers off – this return journey is an “empty leg”. Likewise if flying out empty to pick up passengers, the outbound sector is also an empty leg.

There are hundreds of empty legs every week all around Europe and as a result, we can arrange for you to hire these private jet “empty flights” at a fraction of the normal cost!

Now we know what you are thinking… How much does it cost? Well, the cost is dependent on several factors – primarily the length of the journey and the size of aircraft.

For a NON empty leg (i.e. a dedicated 4-6 seat private jet) within Europe it could be anything between £5,000 and £10,000 depending on the length of the journey. However, to book an empty leg within Europe, you could be looking almost half that cost, between £2,500 to £5,000! As you can see that’s a big saving! And for this price you’re not just getting a flight for your dog, you are getting a whole private jet which could accommodate 4-7 passengers as well as luggage!

Something to bear in mind is that these empty legs are only available as a result of someone else hiring the aircraft. So if you are interested in a discounted empty flight booking, you will need to flexible with your dates to fit in with the empty leg schedule. Empty jets don’t usually appear until 3-14 days prior to travel. So again, if you were interested in making a booking, it’s very unlikely that this can be done weeks in advance. But what we are able to offer is a cargo price “back up plan”. We can arrange and even book your pet to travel as cargo well in advance of travel, however if you let us know that you are interested in a private jet, right up until the date of export we will keep a look out for an empty flight that may fit your requirements. If we see an empty flight become available, we can cancel the airline booking at no extra charge and get you and your pets booked straight on to the jet!

However if you are flexible with your departure dates and time, for example: if you are travelling for the summer, then we should be able to accommodate you with an empty flight booking within a certain time frame.

If you would like further information and a quotation, please contact us on:

+44 (0)1293 551140 option 1 then option 2 or get in touch at

Of course, it is not just the empty legs we can arrange. If you are interested in hiring a dedicated jet for you, your pet and your family then please get in touch.

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