What Chicken Lays The Most Eggs

Deciding to keep your own chickens for egg production is a great way to enjoy both the supply of this extremely versatile protein source and the unique behavioural qualities of their producers! Not only is it a cost-effective and sustainable option it can also be an ethical one if you choose to keep your chickens […]

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The Best Outdoor Aviary Birds for Beginners

If you have the space and a passion for birds, setting up an outdoor aviary is a delight. Looking after a number of different birds who are able to enjoy their lives outside is highly rewarding. Although learning about keeping an aviary and bird husbandry is a must, we know that picking what will live […]

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Indian Ringneck Parakeet Care

Indian ringnecks are some of the most widely-distributed parrots found anywhere on earth. Their natural habitat stretches from arid western Africa right through to the humid monsoon forests of India. As you might expect, the Indian Ringneck is an astonishingly adaptable bird, capable of surviving in all manner of habitats. It should be little wonder […]

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Common Guinea Pig Illnesses

Guinea pigs are typically very healthy animals when kept properly. Indeed, as you’ll see, many of the more common guinea pig diseases are easily avoided with the right husbandry. That said, there are a number of ailments which guinea pigs seem more prone to, which is the focus of this article. Signs of Guinea Pig […]

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Caring for Black Moors in an Aquarium

Black Moors are a variety of goldfish with a unique and characteristic appearance. Firstly, they are sometimes alternatively known as “telescope goldfish” on account of their protruding eyes. Secondly, they tend to have a round, stubby and almost “cute” body – a long way from the sleek, streamlined outline of a standard goldfish. They also […]

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What is the Difference Between Terrapins and Turtles?

Terrapins and turtles are both aquatic reptiles, but much disagreement exists about the differences between these two chelonians. Indeed, the difference really depends on where you live; within the USA the word terrapin is rarely, if ever used. Instead all aquatic members of the tortoise family are known as “turtles”. Within the UK, and much […]

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Looking After Koi Carp

If you have ever seen orange and yellow shapes moving below the surfaces of ponds, chances are you have clapped eyes on a koi carp. They are a striking breed of large ornament fish, hailing from China and Japan. Koi carp are often a patchwork quilt of colours, their bodies containing yellows, blacks, oranges, reds […]

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Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Bingo, the beloved family Labrador is comatose on the matt in the hall. The once-favoured Kong is left abandoned in the garden and even the string of squeaky sausages is gathering dust under the stairs. Once a thrill for praise, even requests of paw or high-five are met with a lack-lustre response from Bingo and, […]

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Stick Insects for Kids

  Stick insects can represent an ideal first pet for children, on account of their ease of care. Just a few benefits of stick insects for kids include: Stick insects are short-lived meaning that you won’t be left cleaning and feeding them for decades to come if your children get bored Stick insects are generally […]

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Guinea Pig Cages: The Beginners Guide

Guinea pigs are one of the most endearing small pets. They seldom bite, they rarely get ill and they are both clean and quiet. Indeed, normally the only sound you will hear from your pet is a wonderful “churring” or squeaking when he or she realizes that food is on its way. However, despite the […]

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Keeping Praying Mantis as Pets: The Beginners Guide

Praying mantis are growing in popularity as pets, as more pet shops begin to stock them, and more pet owners begin to discover their benefits. The Benefits of Keeping Praying Mantis as Pets Firstly, praying mantis are absolutely fascinating to watch. While they may lie motionless for hours on end, this is all part of […]

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