Do Chinchillas Make Good Pets?

Sadly, due to their soft and beautiful coat, chinchillas have been bred and farmed for their fur. However, with PETA and other activist groups saving chinchillas daily, there are many needing forever homes. Whether you rescue a chinchilla or purchase one from a pet store or reputable breeder, these quirky and shy rodents have different […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Wet Tail in Hamsters

Does your hamster have a wet and dirty tail? Is the area around their anus soiled? It is likely that your furry friend has Proliferative Ileitis, commonly known as wet tail. It is most common in hamsters that are three to six weeks old, but every hamster can be susceptible. Although it can strike any […]

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5 of the Best Chameleons to Keep as Pets

The world is home to approximately 180 different types of chameleons. Varying in colour, size and appearance, some make better pets than others. Furthermore, there are only a small percentage of breeds bred in captivity, whereas the remained can only be found in the wild. Different pet breeds of chameleon can vary drastically in temperament […]

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8 Considerations Before Your Buy a Pet Parrot

All pets represent responsibility, but parrots offer one of the most extreme cases. Their long life, combined with their intelligence, means that pet parrots need specialist care over a long period of time. So, before you decide for certain that a parrot is the perfect pet for you, consider the following questions carefully… Do You […]

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Rats vs Hamsters: What’s the Best Pet Rodent?

Hamsters may still be thought of as the “standard” pet rodent, but over the years rats have gained a lot of fans. Many of these passionate rat-owners claim that their chosen pet has an awful lot going for it – assuming you can ignore the tail. They’re smart, clean and playful; but when it comes […]

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Indian Ringneck Parakeet Care

Indian ringnecks are some of the most widely-distributed parrots found anywhere on earth. Their natural habitat stretches from arid western Africa right through to the humid monsoon forests of India. As you might expect, the Indian Ringneck is an astonishingly adaptable bird, capable of surviving in all manner of habitats. It should be little wonder […]

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Rainbow Lorikeet Care

Who can possibly fail to be impressed by the brightly-coloured Rainbow Lorikeet? These active, pugnacious birds are some of the most colourful in the world, clothed as they are in vivid blues, reds and yellows. Little wonder, therefore, where their common name came from. The rainbow lorikeet, Latin name Trichoglossus moluccanus, is a native of Australia […]

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Green Wing Macaw Care Sheet

The Green Wing Macaw (Latin name Ara chloropterus) is one of the best-known parrot species of all. A huge bird, second only to the Hyacinth Macaw, the Green Wing can grow to 90cm in overall length, with an impressively-proportioned beak. While Green Wing Macaws are sometimes misidentified as Scarlet Macaws, these two species are in […]

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Gerbils as Pets

While Syrian hamsters may have been the most popular children’s pet for some decades, many gerbil keepers claim they actually make far better pets – for kids of all ages. If you’re considering purchasing your first gerbil, in this article we’ll try to make a balanced argument, revealing both the good and the bad sides […]

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Ferret Caging & Housing

Ferrets are highly active and playful animals that consequently require considerable space when confined to a cage. All the same, unless you are able to provide a room-sized cage for your pet, it is recommended that your ferret(s) are allowed to come out for regular exercise. This exercise time should ideally be provided daily, in […]

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