How to Breed Terrapins

Terrapins are freshwater turtles, of which there are only seven species. These aquatic pets are very popular in the UK and there are countless specialist reptile stores that sell hatchlings. However, there are many reputable breeders too. If you have terrapin experience, you may wish to breed your own. This guide will help you get […]

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How to Breed Chinchillas

Firstly, the fine print: animal rescue centres are awash with unwanted pets, some of them a result of unwanted breeding. Before you decide to breed any animal at all you should be certain that you have homes for any babies produced. In addition, it is important to appreciate that there are always risks in breeding […]

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How to Breed Guinea Pigs

There is little cuter than a baby guinea pig. Unlike most mammals they’re born fully-furred, with their eyes open and able to run around within moments of birth. They’re also quite a bit larger than you might expect, being comparable to a small hamster. Little wonder, then, that so many people want to breed guinea […]

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How to Breed Ferrets

Ferrets are entertaining and inquisitive animals that make excellent pets. They’re sociable creatures that love to interact with their owners, others pets, and other ferrets. Breeding ferrets, however, is not as simple as placing a male and female together. If you are thinking about bringing some baby ferrets into the world, you will need to […]

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How To Handle A Naughty Puppy

Puppies are mischievous little creatures. When you bring your little bundle of fur home, you are full of hope as you have read all the books and puppy-proofed the house to Fort Knox standard. You are prepared for accidents on the new carpet in the lounge and, when puppy looks up at you with eyes […]

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6 Surprising Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

Being a dog owner isn’t just fun; numerous studies have revealed that they can also be good for your health. Don’t believe us? Read on to discover some impressive ways in which your prized pooch can keep you in tip top condition. Boost Your Immune System A famous study by Dr James Gern of the […]

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