Unusual Pet Laws From Across the Globe

Dog looking out of the windowA pet is more than just a pet, a pet is part of the family and so when you travel or move abroad it’s only natural that you want to take them with you. However, aside from the usual pet laws about animal welfare some countries, even the UK, have some rather bizarre pet laws that most people don’t even know exist.

Here are just a few unusual pet laws from across the globe and although some may seem far fetched the pet laws featured are all true:



In Switzerland, before someone is allowed to become a dog owner, they are required to pass written and verbal tests. A practical dog training class used to be mandatory in addition to the tests, but this was scrapped in 2016 and is now just recommended to first-time dog owners.


In Sweden, they believe that dogs can dream too and so enforced the law that means any pup attending a doggy-day-care centre must by law be able to see outside a sunny window so that they can daydream to their heart’s content.


Did you know that in the UK, it’s illegal for a taxi in London to transport dogs with rabies? If you think about it this is quite a sensible law but isn’t one that is well-known.
Another law in the UK, which is slightly more comical, is that it’s illegal for your pet to mate with a pet from the Royal household. So, don’t be sneaking your chihuahua into Buckingham Palace – those corgis are off-limits.


In 2001 a law was put in place in Lőrinci, a town in Hungary, that states cats can only be taken outside and on the street if they are on a lead. We’re not sure what sparked this random law but it’s something to be aware of if you ever take a trip to Lőrinci.


In Rome, a law was passed in 2005 that banned residents from having goldfish bowls in their home as it was deemed cruel to keep goldfish as pets.


There’s an interesting law in Norway that means only male cats and dogs are neutered. Females are spared by the law for some reason that we’re not sure of.



We think you’re going to love this one. The people of Oklahoma love their dogs so much and are so protective of them that the state has forbidden anyone from pulling ugly faces at dogs. If you get caught doing said act, you can face a fine or even jail time.


In Sterling Colorado, cats aren’t allowed to go outside at night without a taillight. We think this is a great law, making kitties more visible to motorists, just could be a struggle for cat owners to attach those lights.


In Alaska, it’s illegal to tie a dog to the roof of your car. We think that this is a pretty logical law, we hope that no one would ever consider doing this anyway.

Rest of the World


In 2006, China imposed a law that restricts a household to one dog and the dog must be under 35.5 cm tall. This limits the type of breeds as naturally many varieties are bigger than just over a ruler in height.


Meanwhile, Japan has created a curfew for the public display of cats. Basically, no cats are allowed to be on show after 8pm. Don’t ask us why we have no idea but if you’re planning on taking your cat to Japan make sure they’re not seen after 8pm.

This is just the start there are plenty more crazy pet laws, so if you’re planning on going abroad with your pooch or kitten, check out what mad laws might be in place in your chosen destination.