Pet Travel to Ireland: What You Need to Know

Taking a trip to Ireland and can’t leave your beloved pet behind? Whether you’re travelling to visit family, for work, a holiday or to relocate you don’t need to travel without your pet. Taking pets abroad can be a long complicated process but as long as you’re clued up on the rules and regulations for taking your dog, cat, or ferret into the country then pet travel to Ireland won’t be a hassle.

Here we have provided you with the general information and rules for taking your pet to Ireland.


Can I take my pet to Ireland?

Yes, you can take your furry friend to Ireland as long as they arrive with you or within five days prior to or following your arrival.

They must travel with original paperwork, not copies of documents and you cannot import more than five animals into the country, no matter which country you’re coming from.


Does my pet need to quarantine when travelling to Ireland?

No, your pet will not need to complete a quarantine period if you abide by the rules and regulations that we have outlined below.


What do I need to take my pet to Ireland?

What you need to do before your pet travels and when your pet arrives can vary depending on the country your pet is travelling from. Below we have

From another EU country

When arriving in Ireland from another EU country your pet will be required to have the following for permitted entry into the country:

  • microchip – that has been inserted before the rabies vaccination has been administered. ensure that it is readable by a device that is compatible with ISO standard 11785, otherwise your pet may be refused entry
  • valid rabies vaccination given by your vet after your pet is 12 weeks old
  • a valid EU pet passport or animal health certificate
  • tapeworm treatment for dogs

From outside the EU

If you are taking your pet to Ireland but are coming from a country that is outside the EU from certain listed countries the following rules apply:

  • your pet must be microchipped
  • your pet must have a valid rabies vaccination given after the microchip is inserted
  • they must travel with a valid EU pet passport or EU health certificate
  • dogs travelling must have been treated for tapeworm
  • your pet must enter the country through one of the following ports:
    • Cork Airport, Dublin Airport, Dublin Port, Shannon Airport, the Port of Cork at Ringaskiddy or Rosslare Europort
  • Your pet must undergo compliance checks on arrival
  • These compliance checks for your pet must be organised in advance

The above rules apply when shipping your pet from one of the countries listed below:

Coming from one of the countries/ territories listed below

Ascension Island; Antigua and Barbuda; Argentina; Aruba; Australia; Barbados; Bahrain; Belarus; Bermuda; Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (the BES Islands); Bosnia and Herzegovina; British Virgin Islands; Canada; Cayman Islands; Chile; Curaçao; Fiji; Falkland Islands; French Polynesia; Hong Kong; Jamaica; Japan; Malaysia; Mauritius; Mexico; Montserrat; New Caledonia; New Zealand; North Macedonia, Russia; Saint Helena; Saint Kitts and Nevis; Saint Lucia; Sint Maarten; Saint Pierre and Miquelon; Singapore; Taiwan; Trinidad and Tobago; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom excluding Northern Ireland; United States of America (including American Samoa; Guam; Northern Mariana Islands; Puerto Rico; US Virgin Islands); Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; Vanuatu; Wallis and Futuna.

Any other country

The Irish are friendly and welcome pets from all over the world but if your pet is coming from any other country other than the ones, we have already listed there are a few additional rules.

To avoid quarantine your pet must:

  • be microchipped
  • have a valid rabies vaccination
  • have successful rabies serological (blood test) that is carried out 30 days after receiving the rabies vaccination
  • have a valid EU passport or EU Health Certificate
  • be treated for tapeworm (only applicable for dogs)
  • only enter through the following ports: Cork Airport, Dublin Airport, Dublin Port, Shannon Airport, the Port of Cork at Ringaskiddy or Rosslare Europort
  • undergo compliance checks on arrival


Pet Travel to Ireland restrictions

There are some instances where your pet may not be allowed to enter the country under pet travel rules. Entrance may be refused if any of the following applies:

  • you are buying a dog, cat or ferret abroad and having it shipped to Ireland unaccompanied and have no intention of collecting it or travelling home with it
  • your pet is in another country and you want to have it shipped to Ireland unaccompanied and have no intention of collecting it or travelling home with it
  • you are travelling to Ireland to buy, sell or gift a dog, cat or ferret. If any change of ownership is involved after arrival, including delivery of a purchased or rehomed animal
  • if you are travelling with more than 5 pets

For any of these cases, there is a different set of rules to follow.

For the complete guide to taking your pet to Ireland, see the government information.

Find out more about pet travel to Europe and get in touch for more help on travelling abroad with your pet.