Pet Sitting: Should They Stay Home or Come with You?

Pets are part of the family, and bring you lots of entertainment, love, and affection. When it comes to going on holiday though, are they able to come with you? Or do you investigate hiring a pet sitter?

For some, being apart from their pets for a substantial amount of time is too much to bear. On the flip side though, keeping the dog, or cat at home keeps them in the environment they are used to, albeit with other people caring for them.

So, what do you decide to do? Read below to see the pros and cons of pet sitting so you can give your pet the best experience when you are on holiday.


What are the pros of pet sitting?

There are a few benefits to pet sitting that may help you make your holiday plans run a little more smoothly and give your pet an environment they can enjoy whilst you are away.

Here we will illustrate a few of the pros you could expect to discover when hiring a pet sitter:

Cheaper than boarding

Whilst the costs can vary for both boarding and pet sitting, you will tend to save money when having someone pet sit. The costs will be further increased should you need the pet sitter to stay overnight, but this should still come under the costs of the kennels or cattery.

Less stress for the pets

Some pets can be quite nervous and will find being out of their comfort zone a little too much. This can make hiring a pet sitter a much better choice than taking your pet away with you. Familiarity can often be something that helps an animal feel safe and if the pet sitter is staying for extended periods of time, it can help a pet keep to their typical routines.

Your home is monitored and looks lived in

Having someone using your home can act as a deterrent to potential thieves. Regular comings and goings, as well as lights being turned off and on, will help show other people that the house is constantly checked. At the same time, a pet sitter may be willing to take on other round the house tasks such as watering plants or collecting mail as well as keeping an eye on the house.

No need for transport

If your dog or cat is staying at your own home, you do not need to organise any form of transport and travel for them. This can be a huge relief for the pet, especially those that are more nervous of may have health issues that could be further exasperated by traveling.

What are the cons of pet sitting?

As with anything, there are cons to run alongside the pros. Some may seem trivial, but, to many, considering it is your house, they are all totally valid.

Having a stranger in your home

There are a variety of pet sitting companies across the country all offering their services. Importantly, you must remember, that you are inviting a stranger into your home. Therefore, it is essential to do some research on the people you are considering booking. Should there be an issue either with your pet or with the house itself, you will need to follow up and investigate with the pet sitting company you have chosen. This can take considerable time and depending on the issue could lead to added stress or worry for all involved.

Pet sitters get busy

More than likely, your time away is during a peak time, typically summer, Christmas, or any other school holiday period. This means that many pet sitters are booked up, therefore finding one may be difficult. Especially if you leave it until the last minute.

This is another part of the booking process that requires plenty of planning, also be prepared to pay more for a sitter during peak times than you would at any other part of the year.

Pets may be uncomfortable around strangers

Whilst the stress can be reduced for the pet when they have a constant presence in the house, it can also go the other way, especially if the pet does not feel comfortable around the new face entering through the front door. This could see the animal exhibit aggressive behaviours or possibly stop eating.

With the visits being broken up throughout the day, the pet may find the occasional visits a lot more stressful than having the regular routine that each day with the regular inhabitants brings.

Loneliness can creep in

Dogs and cats can get lonely, especially when left alone for long periods of time. Many experts state that prolonged absence of human interaction can lead to poor mental health for the animal. Whilst you may have booked a pet sitter, there may be no way of knowing whether the pet sitter has spent sufficient time with the animal. This could mean you end up paying for a care service you never really receive.

Your pet could escape

Another concern could be the escape of your pet. Having someone else that does not have familiarity with your pets’ traits could result in it escaping due to a lack of attention. A quick dart out of the door, or a climb out of the window could result in a missing pet.


Should you hire a pet sitter or bring the pets with you?

Ultimately it is down to you, there are pros and cons to both, bringing your pet on holiday, allows you to keep close to your furry friend and keep them around familiar people. In addition, you know your pet better than anyone else and can tell how they are feeling. If your pet is at home, under the care of someone else, you may not find out things as they happen, and it won’t be easy to help get them rectified.

If you decide to bring your pet abroad with you, speak to our team. We are experts at organising dog travel as well as travel for a host of other pets. We can assist with your animal health certificate and give guidance on all things relating to taking pets abroad. Contact us today for a free quote.