Types of Stick Insects

Stick insects have, in the past, suffered from a reputation of being “boring”. The “classic” stick insect is a small, thin, green insect which sits motionless for hours at a time, largely resembling the very plant they’re resting on. As a result, their reputation is hardly surprising – even if it is undeserved. In this […]

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The 9 Best Invertebrates for Children

Any pet can help teach children respect and responsibility for animals, but as a lot of invertebrates do not require handling, this can be a fantastic opportunity for children to really get to grips with the complexities of being a pet owner. It is always best to have Mum and Dad on hand, but allowing […]

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Stick Insects for Kids

  Stick insects can represent an ideal first pet for children, on account of their ease of care. Just a few benefits of stick insects for kids include: Stick insects are short-lived meaning that you won’t be left cleaning and feeding them for decades to come if your children get bored Stick insects are generally […]

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Good Pets for Flats

What happens if you live in a flat, yet love animals? Certainly it’s likely that keeping a dog or cat in a flat (especially if it’s rented) will be out of the question. But that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t keep any kind of pet. Infact, as it turns out there are all […]

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How to Look After Stick Insects as Pets

  There are almost 3,000 types of stick insects in the world and while only a small percentage are available in the pet trade, many of those that are make ideal pets. Generally speaking stick insects are cheap to buy, easy to care for, almost silent and have no unpleasant odour whatsoever. They can therefore […]

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