How to Care for a Pygmy Hedgehog

If you’re based in the UK, you will be very familiar with our native wild hedgehogs. However, the hedgehogs we’re referring to here are domesticated and look slightly different from those you’ve spotted in your back garden. The most popular hedgehog species to be kept as pets in the UK is the domesticated African pygmy […]

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What Causes Alopecia in Rabbits?

When you notice your rabbit is losing fur, it can be worrying and puzzling, all at the same time. Rabbits of all ages can be affected by alopecia and it is a common problem seen in many different breeds. Shedding in rabbits can be normal during certain times of year and especially in breeds such […]

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Why Should You Wash Your Hands After Handling Pets?

Zoonotic diseases are high contagious infectious diseases which can be spread directly from animals to humans. Over 60% of known pathogens that affect humans are zoonotic. These can be transferred through direct contact, being bitten or scratched by the animal or via a contaminated food source. If you haven’t had pets before, washing your hands […]

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5 Common Rabbit Diseases Owners Need to Know

With rabbits able to live outside happily, they are happy and hardy little critters. However, even if they are looked after perfectly and receive all of their inoculations, there are times when Bugsy can be far from bright eyed and bushy tailed. If you have rabbits as pets, make sure to read over five of […]

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Common Guinea Pig Illnesses

Guinea pigs are typically very healthy animals when kept properly. Indeed, as you’ll see, many of the more common guinea pig diseases are easily avoided with the right husbandry. That said, there are a number of ailments which guinea pigs seem more prone to, which is the focus of this article. Signs of Guinea Pig […]

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A Guide to Keeping Chickens

Many people believe that keeping chickens should be left to expert farmers, but this simply isn’t true. If you have a roomy garden and fancy the idea of fresh eggs, then chickens are for you. Contrary to popular belief, keeping chickens is not difficult; it just takes a little know-how to keep them away from […]

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Lizard Guide: Bearded Dragon Shedding Process

Shedding is a natural process in all reptiles. The process is also referred to as moulting, peeling, or sloughing, and is when your bearded dragon casts off its old skin. After your beardie sheds, the skin underneath is brand new and you’ll notice the colours are more vivid in the first few days, even more […]

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How to Breed Ferrets

Ferrets are entertaining and inquisitive animals that make excellent pets. They’re sociable creatures that love to interact with their owners, others pets, and other ferrets. Breeding ferrets, however, is not as simple as placing a male and female together. If you are thinking about bringing some baby ferrets into the world, you will need to […]

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Dog Mite Treatment

Mites are microscopic parasites found on many animals besides dogs. Mites on dogs tend to live in or on the skin, frequently burrowing into the epidermis or hair follicle and causing intense irritation. While there are many different types of mites that may infect dogs, two of the most common are known as Demodex canis […]

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