Decoding Your Pet Parrots Behaviour

Parrots display a vast array of characterful behaviours, not just limited to vocalisations. They make entertaining and affectionate family pets, but it can be a challenge to truly understand what is going on behind those inquisitive eyes. Parrots noises are usually the most obvious behaviour to pay attention to, yet your bird could be revealing […]

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How to Breed Terrapins

Terrapins are freshwater turtles, of which there are only seven species. These aquatic pets are very popular in the UK and there are countless specialist reptile stores that sell hatchlings. However, there are many reputable breeders too. If you have terrapin experience, you may wish to breed your own. This guide will help you get […]

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Guinea Pig Noises and Body Language: The Ultimate Guide

Whilst guinea pigs are not the most popular pet in the UK, there is still around 0.7 million nestled in our gardens. Whilst cats and dogs inevitably reign supreme, guinea pigs (along with rabbits) are a popular choice for those who want something smaller but equally as affectionate. For new owners, it can be hard […]

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How to Breed Chinchillas

Firstly, the fine print: animal rescue centres are awash with unwanted pets, some of them a result of unwanted breeding. Before you decide to breed any animal at all you should be certain that you have homes for any babies produced. In addition, it is important to appreciate that there are always risks in breeding […]

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Types of Stick Insects

Stick insects have, in the past, suffered from a reputation of being “boring”. The “classic” stick insect is a small, thin, green insect which sits motionless for hours at a time, largely resembling the very plant they’re resting on. As a result, their reputation is hardly surprising – even if it is undeserved. In this […]

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