Lions Rescued!

PBS assist with the rescue of four lions from a circus in Bolivia! Read the story below and see the lions in their new home! PBS work in conjunction with ADI (Animal Defenders International) to arrange the transport of four lions, rescued from a Bolivian circus after the success of ADI’s “Stop Circus Suffering Campaign”- […]

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Freedom for lions and tiger saved from life of circus misery!

PBS help ADI (Animal Defenders International) with the rescue of abandoned circus lions and tigers, read the full story below and watch the video of the lions being released in their new home! Last year, through the Stop Circus Suffering campaign in Portugal, ADI learned of two lions and two tigers apparently abandoned at the roadside […]

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Gatwick Airport Pet Travel

If you are flying out of or into England, there is every chance you will be arriving or departing from London Gatwick (LGW), the second-largest airport in the UK. Every year millions of people and thousands of animals pass through the two terminals the airport has to offer jetting off to destinations all over the […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Pet Therapy

If you’ve ever experienced a special bond with an animal, that deep connection which makes you feel relaxed and peaceful, then it won’t surprise you to know that this type of connection with a pet is not unique to you. That feeling you get when you watch a video of cute kitten antics or adorable […]

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Tortoises as Pets

Tortoises can make fantastic pets, particularly for older children and adults. Many can live to be more than 50 years old, so expect your tortoise to become an integral part of the family for the decades to come. Many assume that tortoises are robust, due to their tough shells. However, tortoises are delicate creatures and […]

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Rabies in Dogs

Rabies is one of the best-known and dangerous viral diseases known to veterinary science. While it can in theory affect any warm-blooded mammal, it is most prevalent in wild animals due to the absence of vaccination. Rabies in dogs is uncommon in areas where canines are properly vaccinated, but even a vaccination cannot ever offer […]

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6 Surprising Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

Being a dog owner isn’t just fun; numerous studies have revealed that they can also be good for your health. Don’t believe us? Read on to discover some impressive ways in which your prized pooch can keep you in tip top condition. Boost Your Immune System A famous study by Dr James Gern of the […]

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