Looking After Koi Carp

If you have ever seen orange and yellow shapes moving below the surfaces of ponds, chances are you have clapped eyes on a koi carp. They are a striking breed of large ornament fish, hailing from China and Japan. Koi carp are often a patchwork quilt of colours, their bodies containing yellows, blacks, oranges, reds […]

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What to Do If Your Cat Has Fleas

Sadly, pesky fleas come with the territory of cat ownership as they’re extremely common. It’s unpleasant for both you and your feline friend and left untreated can cause your cat to develop related skin problems. Preventative measures are always the best option but in some cases, even this isn’t enough to keep them at bay. […]

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Ferret Diet: What Can Ferrets Eat?

Ferrets have a very specialist diet, which must be carefully met in captivity if they are to remain fit and healthy. Here’s what the caring pet owner needs to know… What Do Ferrets Eat in the Wild? Ferrets are mustelids – related to stoats, weasels and otters. As you might imagine from this lifestyle, ferrets […]

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Ferret Caging & Housing

Ferrets are highly active and playful animals that consequently require considerable space when confined to a cage. All the same, unless you are able to provide a room-sized cage for your pet, it is recommended that your ferret(s) are allowed to come out for regular exercise. This exercise time should ideally be provided daily, in […]

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How To Handle A Naughty Puppy

Puppies are mischievous little creatures. When you bring your little bundle of fur home, you are full of hope as you have read all the books and puppy-proofed the house to Fort Knox standard. You are prepared for accidents on the new carpet in the lounge and, when puppy looks up at you with eyes […]

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Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Bingo, the beloved family Labrador is comatose on the matt in the hall. The once-favoured Kong is left abandoned in the garden and even the string of squeaky sausages is gathering dust under the stairs. Once a thrill for praise, even requests of paw or high-five are met with a lack-lustre response from Bingo and, […]

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Symptoms of Worms in Dogs

Worm infestations can be common among untreated dogs, as worms may be transmitted in a variety of ways. For example some other parasites such as mosquitoes and fleas may pass worms to formerly uninfected animals. In addition to this, dogs coming into contact with the faeces of infected animals can also be enough to transit […]

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Stranded turtles fly to freedom

Thomas Cook Airlines transports rescued turtles to new life in Gran Canaria. Two rare stranded loggerhead turtles that were rescued from a popular surfing beach in Devon within the same week, have finally been set free after five months of rehabilitation. The turtles were transported by Thomas Cook Airlines from Gatwick Airport to their new […]

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