Shipping Birds Overseas: How to Reduce Stress

Stress is something that birds are particularly vulnerable to experiencing. As a prey animal, birds have heightened senses and any changes to their surroundings and environment, loud noises and movements, can easily trigger a stress response. Due to their sensitivity to stress, shipping birds is often a significant stress-inducing event, yet it is often unavoidable. […]

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What is Psittacosis in Pet Birds?

Psittacosis, also known as “parrot fever” is a bacterial infection which is capable of passing to humans (technically known as a “zoonotic” infection). Despite the alternative name psittacosis is not found solely in parrots; a large number of other bird species are also capable of carrying the disease including pigeons and poultry. It is believed […]

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Decoding Your Pet Parrots Behaviour

Parrots display a vast array of characterful behaviours, not just limited to vocalisations. They make entertaining and affectionate family pets, but it can be a challenge to truly understand what is going on behind those inquisitive eyes. Parrots noises are usually the most obvious behaviour to pay attention to, yet your bird could be revealing […]

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