United Airlines – New Pet Facilities in Chicago!!

United Airlines have recently opened new on-site pet facilities in Chicago O’Hare International Airport!

A brand new facility has been opened for those furry flyers travelling with United Airlines via Chicago. The state of the art facility was designed to provide the ultimate in safety and care for all pets in transit, it includes 28 individual enclosures – with different species housed housed in separate ventilated and temperature controlled vehicles. The enclosures are are kept clean and sanitized at all times and the staff will walk and exercise the pets during their stay – and even provide grooming and bathing upon request!

The facility is very close to the gate area and United operate six, specially designed pet transport vehicles to ensure all animals are are transported to and from the air-crafts as quickly and as comfortable as possible! And due to the fact that the pets are not subjected to the outside weather at any point, United can transport pets all year round, whatever the weather!

United have similar facilities in both Houston and Newark- and PBS assist with regular imports and exports on a daily basis!! If you are interested in making a reservation for your pet on United Airlines then please contact us at:


+44 (0)1293 551140