Funny Celebrity Pets Enjoying Their Isolation Vacations

Not going to work or being able to go out and see friends and family might be challenging for a lot of us but there are some that couldn’t be happier we have to stay at home and that’s our pets.

Furry fellows everywhere are loving lockdown life because with us at home all day every day they’re getting unlimited cuddles and attention.

They’re also providing the entertainment and positivity that we all need right now and to prove it here are some celebrity pets that are having the time of their life during lockdown.

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Donkeys
  2. Gino D’Campo’s Dog Duke
  3. Georgia Toffolo’s puppy
  4. Taylor Swift’s cats
  5. Jason Derulo’s Dogs

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Donkeys

Arnie’s donkeys Lulu and Whiskey have truly been living their best lives during quarantine. Not only have they had the run of the house but they’ve also been getting Arnie’s undivided attention.

We’ve been getting regular updates from Arnie, Whiskey and Lulu on Instagram and it’s making our hearts so full.

They’ve been dining together, playing chess, watching the TV and Lulu even celebrated her 1st birthday. Here they are getting their daily exercise.

Gino D’Campo’s Dog Duke

Duke, who is currently in lockdown with his owner and well-known comedic chef Gino D’Campo is really enjoying the slow life.

He’s been relaxing around the house and making the most of having cuddles on the sofa. But it’s not all just lazing around, he’s also been accompanying Gino on his daily jogs around the house.

Georgia Toffolo’s puppy

Toff’s new pup Monty came just at the right time and it’s safe to say they are the perfect quaran-team.

Monty has been stealing the hearts of all of us on Instagram with his gorgeous wide eyes and cheeky nature.

He might not know what’s going on in the outside world right now but that doesn’t matter because he’s having the best time at home with mum.

Taylor Swift’s cats

Everyone knows that Taylor Swift’s love for her cats has no bounds and we’re pretty sure they couldn’t be happier to have her around 24/7. Whilst isolating at home with Meredith and Captain Olivia Benson, Taylor has been sharing updates of their time in lockdown.

It looks like Captain Olivia Benson is embracing quarantine life and couldn’t be more chilled. We should all be more like Olivia.

Jason Derulo’s Dogs

Last but not least we’ve been kept amused by Jason Derulo’s dogs. They’ve been up to all sorts during lockdown. They’re isolating with Derulo in his very lavish home in Los Angeles, California and have been helping him workout, featuring in Tik Toks and posing for photoshoots.

It’s safe to say they’re not in their house bored. Head to Jason’s Instagram to see more of how they’re keeping themselves busy.