Continental Airlines will no longer accept English Bulldogs!

Effective immediately, Continental Airlines will no longer be accepting bookings for English Bulldogs that are over 6 months of age or weigh more than 20lbs. Continental Airlines have advised a more detailed statement/ embargo will follow the announcement, along with further information regarding bookings they already hold. For now, no new bookings will be accepted.

Lisa Schoppa, Pet Safe project manager of Continental Airlines has advised: 

“We’ve had 2 fatalities of English Bulldogs in the past 30 days where cause of death had nothing to do with transit or transport on United / Continental Airlines.   And a storyin last week’s New York Times detailed some issues with the breed dying for no apparent reason other than that’s what happens to the English Bulldogs. Finally, a survey last year by the USDA showed an overwhelming percentage of deaths on US Airlines was English Bulldogs (especially Males) that were 2-3 years old.   This appears to be inherent to the breed and its characteristics, and we just feel that we can no longer accept the responsibility of this breed.  And when it dies in our care it creates the
perception to the public that we must be at fault and that our program is anything but top-notch.  Implementing this embargo will help protect our program. I apologize if this inconveniences you or your clients.  I wish we knew of a way to move this breed as successfully as we do others, but there is none”.

If you need advise about shipping your English Bulldog, please contact our pet team on +44 (0)1293 551140 option 2 or contact us at