5 Reasons Why Hiring a Private Jet for Your Pet is Worth the Investment

Dog travellingIf you’re partial to travelling in style we don’t blame you, there are so many benefits to travelling by private jet. The luxury of having uninterrupted comfort is sure to be an influence.

If you’re enjoying five-star travel then there’s no reason your pet can’t too. If you’re wondering whether your pet can travel by private jet, the answer is, yes. So, why not ensure that their travel is as enjoyable, comfortable and as stress-free as possible. Here are five reasons why you should travel with your pet by private jet.

Your pet can fly safely by your side

Instead of travelling in an uncomfortable crate in the hold of the aircraft on their own, when travelling by private jet your pet can stay safely by your side the whole way, which is a much safer option.

Travelling can be frightening for a pet at the best of the times but if they have to travel in an unfamiliar environment alone this can be very distressing and when travelling in the hold you can’t assess or have control over the environment.

Travelling by your side will help them to relax and will also put your mind at rest. Therefore, you’ll both arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed.

There are still rules and regulations to ensure the safety of your pet when flying by private jet, for example; dogs must be on a lead on the tarmac and have a harness on-board that can be attached to the seats’ safety belts, should you experience any turbulence on your journey.

Take a stroll before boarding

Travelling by private jet means that your dog can take a stroll just before boarding the plane. Stretching their little legs and doing their business before boarding the jet to make sure that they are extra comfortable for the duration of the flight.

This means more luxury for them and hopefully a less disruptive flight for you too.

Walk straight off the plane and through customs

Instead of your pet spending hours alone in animal control and you having to wait patiently to be reunited with them, when travelling by private jet you can walk straight off the plane and through customs with no extra processes or waiting around.

Doesn’t cost anything extra

One of the main benefits of travelling by private jet with your pet is that there’s no extra cost to bring your pet on board. Your pet essentially gets a free luxury flight to your destination.

You can take more than one pet with you

Whether you’re going on a lengthy holiday, business trip, or you’re relocating, if you have multiple pets you don’t want to leave anyone behind after all pets are part of the family. With a private jet, you can take as many of your pets with you as you want.

So, if you’ve got nine cats, you can take them all on your adventure and no one needs to miss out on a thing.

Just remember, when travelling abroad it’s still essential that your pet has:

  • A valid pet passport to confirm your pet’s routine health checks are up to date.
  • Identification that shows the date of their microchip.
  • Valid vaccinations dependent on countries of arrival and departure.