4 Reasons to Hire a Pet Travel Agent

pet travel agents

More and more people are choosing to take their pet abroad each year, either temporarily for a family holiday or for a more permanent move. Whatever the reason for wanting to transport your pet overseas, the question is whether to do all the transportation yourself or whether to make use of a pet transport expert.

If you’re currently trying to decide on the benefits of hiring a pet shipping expert to help you then help is at hand. Below you’ll read some of the top reasons to seriously consider hiring a pet travel company to transport your pet on your behalf.

No Worries about Paperwork

It’s a modern affliction that so much of life is governed by paperwork. Pet travel is no different. While the PETS travel scheme may aim to make life easier when transporting pets within Europe, transporting your pet further afield can be far more complicated. The fact is that many countries have their own specific rules about exactly what paperwork you’ll need, who can issue it and where you get it from. There are also often rules about when this paperwork may be requested if you are to meet all the requirements of your destination country.

The fact is that getting your import/export paperwork wrong can be an expensive and frustrating experience that can lead to your pet being refused entry on arrival, or being forced into a lengthy quarantine process.

Most pet travel experts worth their salt will be familiar with the paperwork requirements of shipping pets to all manner of locations so they will be able to oversee this aspect of transporting you pet, thus ensuring that no delays are experienced by your pet.

A Deep Understanding of the Rules Involved

Of course, it’s not just the paperwork that can cause problems for caring pet owners trying to take their best friend abroad. Many countries have their own unique rules pertaining to pet travel. For example, each country has their own requirements regarding vaccinations. These may extend not only to which vaccinations are required before entry to the country is granted but also when these vaccinations were given.

Once again a pet shipping company will be familiar with these rules and so will be able to tick off each requirement on your behalf to ensure an efficient transportation process.

Positive Relationships with Airlines

It’s not just the destination country that can cause problems when it comes to transporting animals. Another perfect example of the type of problem that can occur relates to the airlines themselves. Many airlines have their own unique rules relating to pet travel, such as the size, design and style of caging that is permissible. Furthermore, these rules can be tremendously flexible with changes occurring regularly.

If you are trying to transport your own pet you may end up having to invest considerable time into discussions with individual airlines to find the most appropriate shipper. You may also have to purchase airline-approved equipment in order to keep your pet safe during transportation.

This is in stark contrast to a pet shipping professional who will not only already know these various rules but will have all the necessary equipment ready for use.

Fully Experienced In Keeping Your Pet Happy

Lastly and possibly most importantly of all international travel can be a stressful experience for sensitive cats and dogs. Pet shipping companies have years of experience in keeping pets calm and relaxed during the transportation process, helping to make the process as enjoyable as possible for your pet.

The fact that all rules will have been met before transport also means that you pet should clear customs on arrival as quickly as is humanly possible rather than suffering from delays because of incorrect paperwork etc.