Pet Travel to the USA 

PBS are experts in pet travel to the USA! We ship pets to America from the UK on a daily basis and we are the official agents for United Airlines.

We can also arrange pet flights to the USA on other major airlines such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

“Great service! All stressful and intricate bureaucratic details were taken care of smoothly and with great professionalism. Definitely recommended”

Pet flights to USA

We can arrange pet flights to most destinations in the United States, however please note that not all aircrafts are able to carry live animals- we recommend you contact one of our USA pet shipping experts before you book your pets flight to the USA, so that we can advise on flights which are suitable for live animals.

Cat and dog travel to USA

Transporting cats and dogs to the US is very straight forward! All cats and dogs travelling to the US will require an examination at the vets no more than 10 days prior to travel and most Pets successfully arriving in the USA.States will require a rabies vaccination – but please note, each state has it’s own requirement for both cats and dogs imported from the UK to the USA. Please contact one of our USA pet travel agents who will be able to discuss specific requirements in more details.

Rabbits, birds, hamsters and more to the USA

As well as relocating cats and dogs to the US, we can also arrange other animals such as snakes, rabbits, hamsters, rats, ferrets, guinea pigs, mice and birds! However please note more stringent rules apply when shipping animals other than cats or dogs to the USA.

Snub nose dogs to USA

There can also be restrictions on certain breeds of cats and dogs travelling to the USA and the most common problem is shipping snub nose breeds to the USA, such as bull dogs, pugs and Pekinese. It may be possible for us to arrange transportation of snub nosed breeds to America, but there will be restrictions in place such as age, size and temperature on the day of travel. Please contact one of our USA pet relocation specialists for more details.

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